Our Haven Today

Her hands are all over me and she runs her fingers through my hair while our tongues dance feverishly.

The moment I arrive home, Diana pushes me against the door and greets me with a hungry kiss. I drop my keys to the floor in surprise, but I sink into the kiss as her lips move softly over mine. I’ve missed her. Her hands are all over me and she runs her fingers through my hair while our tongues dance feverishly. I slide my hands over her hips and realise she’s wearing nothing under her silky black robe.

“Looks like someone missed me,” I whisper between kisses.

“I always do, Princess,” she says and nuzzles my neck with even more kisses. I kick off my shoes and drop my bag to the floor and she pushes my jacket off my shoulders. Her lips are still on my neck when I reach to undo the belt of her robe. But before I can pull the knot, she takes my hand and leads me inside.

“What are you up to?”

She grins and pulls me to the bathroom.

I smell rose and lavender upon entering. The tub is filled with soft bubbles. It is dark except for the flickering candles in the corners of the room. On the floor sit a bucket of ice with a bottle of Moët in it, two empty flutes, and a bowl of chocolate covered strawberries.

“This is our haven today, Love,” Diana says as she opens the champagne.

While she pours, I finish undressing. Her robe hits the floor as I unhook my bra. I watch as she steps into the tub and lowers herself in. As many times as I have seen her body, I’m still amazed by how exquisite she is. She raises her toned arms and knots up her hair into a loose bun on top of her head. A few strands fall forward and frame the sides of her beautiful face. Her high cheekbones tinge pink from the warmth of the water.

She sinks into the water and relaxes against the tub. Her breasts are hidden beneath the foamy bubbles around her. She moves her eyes down my naked body and gestures to me to join her. I kick away the rest of my clothes and eagerly step into the tub, settling between her legs, my back against her chest.

Diana wraps her arms around me, her breasts brush against my back. She pulls my earlobe between her lips and sucks it. I sigh and enjoy her touch and the warm water lapping around us.

“Did you miss me, Princess?” she whispers in my ear.

“I did,” I breathe. She holds my breasts in her hands.

“I’ve been thinking about you all day,” she says and kisses the back of my ear.

“Have you?” I ask, turning my head to face her.

“All day. Of your lips,” she whispers before she kisses me. “Your fingers.”

She strokes my breasts.

“Your tongue.”

She grazes her teeth on my neck.

“Where did you miss my tongue?” I whisper.

“On my lips,” she whispers, kissing my cheek. “My neck.” Her lips move across my jaw. “My nipples.” She nuzzles my collarbone. “On my clit.” Her fingers tease my nipples.

I tilt my head back and moan. I stretch my arm back to run my fingers through her hair. “What else did you miss?”

“I missed your body against mine,” she whispers, sliding her hands down to my belly. “Your soft skin under my fingers…”

Electricity shoots through me as her fingertips trace slow circles on my stomach.  

I turn my head to face her. Her icy blue eyes are ablaze with desire; her fingers softly stroke my thighs. “I missed your moans at my touch,” she says.

I moan at her words.

Her voice is soft and breathy in my ear; “Did you miss my tongue, Princess?”

“I did.”

“Did you miss it here?” she asks, and flicks her tongue behind my ear.

“Yes,” I pant.

“What about here?” She runs her tongue along my neck.

I sigh and water splashes out of the tub with my squirms. Her teasing is torture. I need her now.

“Here?” she whispers, pressing her lips on my shoulder.

“Diana, please,” I beg.

“Did you miss it here?” she whispers. Then finally, she slides her hand between my thighs. Her fingers reach my clit.

“Yes!” I moan, grasping onto her hair.

Her lips are on my earlobe; she grazes my skin with her teeth. She moves her fingers slowly over my clit, and with her other hand, my nipple. Goosebumps rush over my skin even in the warm water.

“Oh God!” I gasp.

I can hear the smirk in her tone. “God is so formal. Diana will do.”

She presses her fingers down further, until they easily slip inside me. She begins to pump them slowly and the heel of her palm massages my clit.

I grip the edge of the tub. “Diana! Don’t stop!”

I start to move my hips to meet her thrusts. She groans and I realise that my bottom is rubbing against her clit.

“I love it when you do that, Princess,” she whispers before burying her face in my neck. Her free arm wraps around my waist, pulling me closer while she moves herself against me.

The water and bubbles splash out of the tub as we move together in sync. Is the water growing warmer, or is it just heat rushing through my body? She curls her fingers inside me and I rub myself over her clit. Her fingers move at just the right speed and rhythm. When they find the right spot, I throw my head back and moan. Her face remains buried in my neck as the euphoria radiates through me.

Her fingers slip out of me and I open my eyes slowly. She grinds against me still. I move my hips to meet hers and soon she’s moaning. One of her hands moves away from my hip, and then I can feel it between us, between her thighs. I’m aching to turn around and watch her but her other hand tightens around my waist. Her fingers dig into my hips, her mouth presses on my neck as she reaches her release.

She lays back in the tub and pulls me close, my back presses against her chest. We lay together panting for a moment.

Diana slowly and gently runs her fingers through my hair. She leans close and breathes into my ear, “You know something, Princess?… I’m not sure whether to hate that you’ve been away all week, or love the fact that I get to welcome you home like this…”

This story was about: Lesbianism Sexuality

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