She lay there, spent. But only for a moment. Her appetite rising by the minute, like a starving lion’s. She couldn’t imagine why, for this was the first time in her life she was experiencing something like this. She lay there, aroused. Unable to move. She wanted it yet again. That touch. Want turning to craving. She lay there helpless – not able to decide what she wanted, what she preferred – that slow, gentle touch teasing her senses, or that maniacal ferocious beast attempting to quench this thirst. She wanted it. Now more than ever. Again. Once again. Nothing could stop her now. Nothing could come between them.

She wanted it all. She wanted it now. And she wanted it with her. This gorgeous woman who lay next to her. Panting. How she loved her. How much she loved her. No one could say. Not even she. How she saw nothing else, no one else when she was around. How her one look could choke her with emotion. How it could arouse her at the spur of a second, she could not tell. She wanted her. Now. Today. Tomorrow and every single second, minute, hour after that.

When they were apart, she dreamt of her with open eyes. Every waking, breathing second. Remembered the time they’d spent together. How each instant had become so deathly precious to her. Each instant becoming a memory. Her most prized possession. She wanted her. She needed her. So bad. To provoke the beast in her once again. To make her loose her mind as she touched her – once again. She knew it in her heart – she could make love to this woman every single day for the rest of her life. How it would never fade, just grow by leaps and bounds – uncontrollable after a point. Like it was now. Like she didn’t know what to do now. She wanted it all at once. All of it. All of her. She couldn’t make up her mind, did she want her to be her amazing gentle self? Or did she want her to let herself go completely, and entice her into this crazy fantastical land?

Between the gasps and pants, their tired bodies resting – shivering, the beast struck again. The hunger, the passion increasing rather than being satisfied. Only if their bodies had the strength. The strength to finish what they’d started.They were so terribly in love. Despite themselves. Stuck in this moment of madness. Not knowing what to do with each other. How else to love. How else to let the other know, what it meant. All of this. Any of this.

They hadn’t spoken for over an hour. She looked up at her. Their eyes met, not leaving each other for a second. Could there be anything else in the world they’d want? Could there be anywhere else they’d rather be? Could there be anyone else they’d rather be with?

Holding her face in her nimble hands, looking into her beautiful eyes, she said, “I could melt into you.” She closed her eyes as she planted a kiss on her mouth. Beads of sweat trickling down, all she could utter was, “You’re my home. It doesn’t matter where we are, it doesn’t matter how we get there, it doesn’t matter how much we go through. As long as I’m with you, I’m alive. The day you’re gone, you’ll take me with you.”

And she did.

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