Poem: Disintegration

When I first saw you, my heart
Snapped into two before it bled
And every storm fell into my teacup all at once,
A new softness in my bed
There was something about the snow that I’d made up in my head
And with you, that something tore apart
Snapped into two, a broken thread.

And that was the year it rained in November,
Your lips disintegrated when I kissed you,
I don’t know if you still remember
The storm that brewed amidst you
We ran out of words, broke the universe, then
Watched it tremble before it fell
Fingers still intertwined, December came
From somewhere in the middle of hell.

But the sky is greyer, sorrows sharper now
And the air has turned softer with you around
The birds in the trees sing a brighter song,
And we’ve come a long way,
But the road ahead is just as long.
And they don’t try to understand,
They don’t see how
I can fall in love with someone who is so out of bounds
But I chose to love you one day, made a vow
I’m not going anywhere because the world
Is against us now.

For you made my world a little happier,
Made my heart a little full
Made my life a little brighter,
Love used to be a mouthful.

And I wake next to you in the mornings,
Still a little awed,
You made everything better, made my smile a little broad
And when I look at you, my darling,
I only see God.

This story was about: Gender Identities Lesbianism Sexuality

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Saachi Gupta is an LGBTQ+ activist, animal lover and the author of 'With Love, or Something Like That.' She is a strong believer in equality amongst mankind.
Saachi Gupta

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