Poem: Extraordinary

I am too full of fantasy
To not burst out of ordinary routine
Like a firework

People around me feel my heat
From my eyes and from between my thighs
They sense my destitution
Look at their faces sly

Through the night as my chest swells
The stars and moon feel shy

At their discomfort and disapproval
I insanely smile

The more I bury your memories
The more I shine

Feel the sombre world revolving
Like an unsupervised clown
While I strut around, a survivor – queen
Of an empire burnt down

When destiny made you drift apart
I was made to stay
The strength of the mighty mammoths
And the grace of gigantic whales
Maybe that was what given to me as instead

To keep burning and burning since annals of mankind
Aflame in your fire golden incarnadine

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Huma Khan

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