Poem: Heartbeat

A yellow heart,
Treading the line of
Romance and friendship.
Subtle and awkward
The greyish heart
Beating to cover the smudges
Of that awkward joke.

First kiss;
Two red hearts beat for words
Lost in the rhythm of the lips.
Cupid’s bow
Arched amidst the heart
Aiming straight for dreams
Tip full of lullabies.

Missed conversations,
A broken heart
Recalling a touch
That traced butterflies on skin
Only the memory remains
The goosebumps are long gone by.

Big red heart; 3,2,1
Beating and blinking on the screen
Drawing the attention of nostalgia
Like an old polaroid picture.

It blinks and beats
Like the morning dew on leaves
Punctual and awaiting
The hopes of a next day.

Everyday begets
A new blinking heart
Until the screen falls blank
And we are left to deal with
The memories unleashed
On our hearts.

No red, no yellow, no grey,
How do hearts actually beat;
When we say goodbye?

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