Poem: Her

Artwork by Diya Sengutpa

She. Her guitar strung fingers
Touched me the first time
I fell
She. Took classes with me
Sat, far away
Many times, right in front
I fell
The first time she sat beside me
I remember, the closeness
The intimacy of friendship
That allowed me the closeness
Her black hoodie brushing against
My yellow kurti
I fell
She spoke of songs, music, rock and Cobain
She spoke of boys, home, and love
I listened
Buying her roses by the dozens
Unable to show to the world
Having to hide love
saying it was from a boy,
We went home, hers.
A brief flash of intimacy
Blinding my senses
That love between us
Yet, just like those dozen roses, I bought for her
Which we said was from a boy
A boy came for her
And my heart

This story was about: Lesbianism Sexuality

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Rachelle Bharathi Chandran is a Dalit, Non-Binary identifying Pansexual person. Ze is currently pursuing research in the area of aesthetics and psychophysiology. Zir interests and work intersect within areas of intergenerational trauma, sex and gender within Dalit communities, accessible healthcare and creating support groups for marginalised persons.

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