Poem: I Am Strong When I Am Soft

I am strong when I am soft
My heart soars up kind words that wouldn’t soften harsh
realities but maybe hold someone up when they are tired of
standing up for too long
I am strong when I am soft
I like to break down with people on bathroom floors like their
sadness is mine
I know my crying wouldn’t calm them down
But maybe later we could share a laugh when we run out of
tissues and comforting nouns
I am strong when I am soft
I am the first person to say sorry
The last one to say goodbye
I don’t like finishing last
But often, it’s easier to get hurt than hurting someone else

I am strong when I am soft
I cry when I am happy and also when I am sad
I cry when I miss my lover and harder when he says I should
grow up
I don’t mind him much
Because he also cries when we kiss and I don’t ask him to be a man
I am strong when I am soft
I buy flowers for my friend to put them on his hair
And I am not insecure when he is rocking that floral skirt
better than me

Gender is restrictive and he doesn’t need to be your version of
what any gender should look like
We smile so bright and I swear he was so happy he cried
We mix up wardrobes and I never cage him in colors
We have a rainbow to wear and explore
People will fight their own battles and you should let them fight
But stay around a little longer just in case they may need you to remind them of what they already know
Often we find ourselves in a dark tunnel with no ends and a voice might save us
A voice softly keeping us alive nudging us closer to light

You are your own god
The creation and the creator
The one that you need to worship
Know that there’s no way someone can claim to love god and not love those who are just right beside them
You may take a woman
Or a man
Or both or none
And the only person who can decide that should be you
Because the only rolls that are really cute are tummy rolls and not these suffocating decaying gender roles

I am strong when I am soft
You are strong when you are soft
We can always fight things bigger than us
But how would you fight if you quit
No love is ever unnatural
Do not let anyone tell you that the love you love makes love look a sin
This revolution has brought all of us closer
Hold hands tighter we shall not fall apart
I am strong when I am soft
You are strong when you are soft
And I am not ashamed when I say it today
You should also say it aloud.

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