Poem: Implode

I wonder how you feel right now,
In the arms of another comfort,
In tandem, resonant.
Pleasure and pain. Pain in pleasure.
When I see sunlight seeping in through the blinds,
I reminisce.
The alternate shades of brown in your eyes,
The hint of sex in your smile,
The sound of you the night before,
The smell of you in my blanket.
Your hand on my mouth,
You moving inside me,
You building me up,
Torturing me.
Looking at me,
Waiting for me.
I’m waiting..
For you.
While in the spaces of my head, you run amuck,
Lighting up all that you see, in your way,
With a smile that knows of the storms it brings.
Do I get to enjoy the cool crevices of your broken, beautiful mind?
Do I get to be the darkness that embraces words spoken only on lonesome, dirty streets, after everyone sleeps, and even then, scared and in whispers,
Do I get to be the secret you chain to the corner of your subconscious?
Do you let yourself dream at all, love?
Haah! One after the other, you ignite questions, and burn them away, laughing maniacally.
I know no answers, you’ll give me none.
But come darkness, we’ll play again.

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