Poem: Love As Submission

Artwork by Nandita Ratan

In the eyes of these closed doors,
The only one who sees me is him.
I can dance naked wearing my mascara,
And his nose-ring gives a different edge to him.

Only he sees me, and only I see him,
It is now when we start unwinding the knots of our deeper love,
Do you realize something?
It is only now that we can both devour each other.

We begin soft, and ease other in.
But didn’t you know that the devil resides within?
Our passion starts reaching the borders of aggression,
It this then when he knows that he owns me,
He owns me, and every part of me.

He says things to me, he does things to me.
Shh, don’t tell them, we’ll be embarrassed.
Two loveless souls trying to fill each other’s voids.
We make love, and tame those devils.
Animals we were, but don’t you see that this is our way of love?

O don’t you worry,
The hurt is different, and so is the pain.
What he did to me is what I yearned for,
What he said to me is what I think I deserve.
Deep within, the desolate souls are quenched.
Mine in his owning, and his in my submission.

I could skip the world in that very moment,
Like a Shinkansen blazing right past through us.
If you asked me then, how deep is my love, I’d cry.
We both would have, I guess.

I then take my mascara off; He keeps his nose-ring on.
The walls say goodbye to us, and the door is sad.
The world awaits us, and we put on our masks.
We laugh, we eat, we fight.
And I continue my love as submission.

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