Poem: Madness

Mad love
Of cigarette ashes
spread on the floor,
spelling your name
a forgotten letter,
found in your lips.

Mad love
Of drunken stupor
intoxicated on your scent
clothes astrew
moans mingling
over our naked canvas .

Mad love
of clandestine kisses
stolen amidst glances
tongues tracing
a feeling forbidden.

Mad love
of loud fights
settled against doors
arguments remembered with legs
wrapped around my waist.

Mad love
of hands over my shoulders
dancing to the rhythm
of the beats
in my eyes.

Mad love
of long-lost diaries
pages spilled with secrets
laid open
for me to devour.

Mad love
of late night conversations
breathing a lullaby
whispered with dreams
plagued with the fragrance of your touch.
Mad love
of candlelit dinners
its shadows playing
the ghosts of our past
flickering over
our passionate sighs.

Mad love.
So sane.

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