Poem: Man Who Loves A Man

Artwork By Anshuman

There are things I’ve learnt
And things I’ve heard
To fall is to scrape your knee
To love is to hurt.
To be myself is dangerous, red
And a man who loves a man
Is as good as dead.

And no one knows what happens
Behind closed doors
It’s the only time I can hold your hand,
The one time that smiles aren’t forced.

And when we met, the stars had all
Fallen out of the sky
In the midst of everything crashing down,
I could suddenly fly.

But the stars– they never went back up
Defined our luck with every second that passed
And time, it stretched itself, in bed with a teacup
Yes, time, it never went by fast.

And we listened and listened all day
As people talked
And that– that was our first mistake
We were on borrowed time, a ticking clock.

But at night– your skin warm against mine
Everything and everything else fell into place again
You’d say it was all was fine,
We were just two men who loved men.

But it was all too much all at once
The day scribbled over our nights
Their whispers were louder than yours
Gone was your brightness and light.

And here we are now,
A box of my things in your hands:
A clean start, white walls, a new bed.

To love is to hurt, I’d been told
And a man who loves a man is as good as dead.

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Saachi Gupta is an LGBTQ+ activist, animal lover and the author of 'With Love, or Something Like That.' She is a strong believer in equality amongst mankind.
Saachi Gupta

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