Poem : Photosynthesis

I wish to be a tree

None bigger may there be

With blackness sprawling underneath

With glowworms crawling free;

And eyeless moles and rats,

Ten thousand swinging bats –

All these be crawling in the dark

While at the top will sing the lark

And sunlight will be dancing in a million hues of green and gold –

On my dome of leaves as great as mountains, and just as old.


I would make my blooms

Every night and day,

All hues of rainbow mixing

And fragrances of May.

They will take them home,

Embellishing Benares, Rome…

To offer the gods that they admire

Concentrated lust, desire…

While in their mouths they curse and hush and will not see what it is they pluck –

The flowers will also have my disdain stamped on them; I give no fuck.


I won’t stop, I’ll grow

Vaster and more free

Till the horizon shows

Another prolific tree.

His form will be as mine,

And we will then entwine

Over continents and oceans our boughs,

Above the sprawling lands and water’s flows –

And be forever in a kiss from wood to wood in a supreme arch

With all the life on planet earth agape at our eternal March.

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