Poem: Reality

My reality stares at me
The mundane mornings where
I am about to start my day with you
When it suddenly hits me
That you and I now have different beginnings
A sigh threatens to escape my lips
But I stifle it in my heart
The one which constantly hums in pain
I direct it towards the paper instead
Without you;
My pen and pain have become the same
Each thought of you
I scribble it down
Trying to write a story about ‘us’
The sheet feels
The pressure of the nib
Yet the paper remains blank
Reality, in which minutes tick by;
I stare at the clock willing it to come back
To the hour I met you
And then relive every moment spent together
Reality, where I recite every single sentence
That might make you come back to me
I whisper my love into emptiness;
Yet hope that the wind carries it to you
My reality is where I crave for you so much
That every single pore on my skin
Feels the longing
Reality, where you are still fighting your battles alone
And I wishing to kiss your scars
Reality, where you and I share the same sky
But each night falls with your absence
Reality, where I know I can never have your smile
Disappear into my lips
Reality, where my craving will forever be an ache
Since this is the reality
I would rather be dreaming.

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