Poem : Roses In December

Summer this year was fiery, brutal and tough
Spring had (abruptly) left
the garden mis-understood, lonely and bereft

Last year, it witnessed a beautiful fall
White and yellow roses – blossomed tall
Long tailed slender blue birds flocked it all

Summer was gorgeous and gay
Amidst hills, lakes, forests and red laterite
Butterflies and sunlight dancing at day
Fireflies and stars shimmering at night

Then one hot may day
the rose petals began to fall and whither away
for spring receded- not wanting to stay

Angry autumn dried the glorious green
Winter came with a chilly cold breeze
leaving it barren-almost to freeze

When a sudden patronus charm
struck it deep unalarmed
Causing a small rose stem sprung to bloom
forcing it out of temporary gloom

The rose was ruby red this time round
and magically restored all lost in the ground
While seasons come and seasons go
Love can make roses in December grow!

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