Poem: She

Artwork by Gurleen Arora

The white curtain drapes half drawn, As we lay in my bed with our clothes half on.
The October sunlight shines through the thin fabric,
falling directly on our warm entangled bodies.
Dazzling in the golden light,
She traces my skin as I ignite.
Her fingers tug the hair behind my head,
She pulls me in closer and closer as I lay below her completely under her spell.
Soft somber music plays in the background,
My heart burns inside my chest and the ashes fall on the ground.
The warmth of her chest against mine, feels like a wildfire thats spreading far wide.
She plants a few kisses on the edges of my neck,
And I let go as I give her the power to take my whole being in a breath.
I watch her as she slowly undresses my soul,
Then whispers sweet nothings with a warm sigh pressed against my collar bone.
The symphonic rhythms of her breath etched into my being,
I look up at her face as she gently presses her lips on mine.
A loose strand of her hair falls on her cheek,
I kid you not, she’s the most beautiful human I’ve ever seen.
I burned down my walls and buried all my insecurities.
For she has my heart, my mind, my body and the whole me.
The sun sets in the world outside, but her eyes never lose their shine.
We lay there in each others embrace, staring into each others eyes.
The ashes on the ground turn cold but my heart still burns,
for she forever ignites a fire within my soul.

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