Poem: The Table

At a table in the corner
Whirling her world in my cup

Cream still appears like a meaning
She said, had lost over the years

The waves of her desire
Gush at my feet on the shore

I long to seep away in the ocean
I long to go with her

But yesterday mother had called me
Yesterday the world was real

Wicked ordinary lifestyle
And a guy with a belly and a beard

Expectation disapproving my joy
Pierce her aura with fear.

Tightening knot of a reason,
Of questions make me sick

Why don’t I hold and kiss her
Why don’t I take the risk

Eyelashes I sent to heaven
Birds of fortune and luck

Yes, all bore the same prayers
For a face which looked like hers

How deep love is tainted with denial
A blessing becomes a curse

I gulp the froth of her meaning-
She found, hoping she gives up

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Huma Khan

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