Poem: The Waters Of Love

Artwork by Malathi Jogi

drown me into the glistening seams of blue,
this love, i don’t feel in my heart,
i feel in going inside through my eyes, my ears,
me and her swim to the skirt of the ocean,
i take a deep breathe only to liquefy my lungs,
we swim, we swim for miles in the water of compassion,
she goes ahead, swims with her wings
i watch her go, in awe of this mesmerising collage of her,
she turns, looking at me gasp at the sheer beauty of her,
swims towards me, wraps her wings around me,
only to caress my lips with hers,
kisses me until there is no water betwixt,
pulls away and peers into me,
peers into me so sharply,
it makes us drown further down,
holds my hand and pushes the water,
we swim and we swim,
hoping that it’d be our water that finally fills us and lifts us,
but this utter devotion makes us drown further and further,
she teaches me to love the blue,
caresses my until my wings grow,
holds me when the water disrupts us,
she can tell when i’m crying even under this water,
i wish i die in her arms,
i wish for my wings to eventually fold once
when i’m swimming beside her,
so my last breath would be filled with water,
so she could hold my hand once again
and tell me to let go

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