Pregnant With You…

hey little child,
my little wonder inside me,
did you tremble,
did you get scared,
of what you did not see?

you and your emotions
are no more light,
hug me tight,
in this scary night…

let me feel your claws
inside my waist,
as i run and run,
with you within…
in this mad race…

i know when
you grow out of me,
you will be the cutest thing
for the world to see…

for now but,
you stay quiet,
the moon has come
over the night…

the sun has also set,
through my navel can you see,
the setting sun, the rising moon and the starry purple canopy.

tonight be quiet,
tonight dont you scream,
for today tomorrows begin,
and life takes a new stream…

you are the little child in me,
let me shower all the warmth today,
before you see the light of the whole damn world,
and the world see you in the fake glitter of the day.

let me feel my stomach, your forehead,
let me feel my ribs, and hold your arm,
let me feel the child in me,
so serene, so pleasant and so calm…

tomorrow when you are born,
to me, in our lovelorn bombay,
i shall steal you away,
to the shine in the glory of just my way.

sleep baby,
sleep today,
let me sing you a lullaby,
in me today.

i wish to kiss you now,
but my face cant reach below my chest,
i long to kiss you and
feel you on my breast.

i know you can see
what i can see,
see yourself as i look at my mirror,
and see my fairy,
my pari!

*Author’s Note : This poem was written by me to my partner (spouse… by any other name) Parikshith (Pari). We both are men. We both are in love with each other. Yes, we are homosexuals and much that we all are pregnant with love, and one could see these emotions emerge for anyone. Yes nature and biology doesn’t give us men the opportunity to be pregnant. The feeling but persists and takes different forms and expressions. Sad that many still feel relationships with a possibility of procreation are only “natural”… the fact is the  mother is beyond gender.

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