Queen Of Hearts – Part 2 (Finale)

* Note : Contains Explicit Sexual Content

Rani and Zarina stood facing each other. Zarina reached out her hand and clasped Rani’s in it, and then pulled her close to her. Rani put her arms around Zarina’s head and wrapped her in her embrace. They kissed deeply, Zarina’s hands found Rani’s supple waist. She pulled her towards her so their groins pressed against each other.

“I am so wet!” Rani giggled. “Do you want to see?” She took Zarina’s left hand with her right hand and sucked on her forefinger and index fingers, then she took Zarina’s hand and guided her fingers under her dress to her pussy. She was wearing the skinniest of thongs which she pushed aside without any effort so that Zarina’s hand was now rubbing her wet pussy. “Do you like that?” Rani asked with her eyelashes aflutter. Zarina could feel her hands drenched with cum.

Zarina took charge from there. She rubbed Rani’s enlarged button. It was throbbing now. She ran her fingers through Rani’s pussy moving the wetness all around it. Her whole pussy was pulsing in her hands. She pulled Rani closer and kissed her again, her tongue deep in her mouth. She was delicious! God’s gift to men – and now, Zarina. With one hand she held Rani from behind and with the other she opened up Rani’s pussy, and shoved two fingers up her large hole and finger fucked her. Rani let out a low groan. Her panties were now down around her ankles. She flicked them away with her toes.

“You know where I want you Zarina?” Rani whispered in Zarina’s ear. “I want you in my bathtub, the water running, and I want to be fucked by you. “You know I keep all kinds of toys…do you want to see?” Zarina’s eyes widened with the range of sex toys in Rani’s collection! Oh God! There was a large purple latex dildo with a ribbed tip that had all kinds of vibrating mechanisms on it! Rani saw Zarina’s eyes on it. “I never knew when I would use this…until now. State-of-the-art.” She giggled again. “From London!”

Rani ran the tap water and dipped her toes in. Zarina came up behind her and stroked her ass and kissed her on the neck. She pressed the dildo up against Rani’s ass and turned on the vibrator, it was crooked in between the two mounds of flesh that formed her ass. Rani gasped while Zarina squeezed her large round tits from behind and pulled her dark brown nipples. “You have come a long way haven’t you Rani?” Zarina whispered in her ear.

“Get in the bathtub,” Rani ordered.  Zarina lay in the warm pool of water, her legs spread apart, ready for Rani. Rani got in and sat astride Zarina and made herself comfortable and bit Zarina’s neck and giggled again. They soaped each other up, making sure to arouse all the right parts. Zarina took the dildo, now wet, and rubbed it against Rani’s pussy, teasing it. Rani’s large breasts hung in front of her face, Rani’s long black hard fell around her deep bronzed shoulders. Rani took her own breast and put one large nipple in Zarina’s mouth for her to suck on it. Zarina sucked on it lovingly and full of rabid desire.

They locked lips again, now in the throes of complete lust. Rani reached down for the dildo and and helped Zarina guide it inside her. When it was in, Rani started fucking it, first with slow rhythmic movements and then when it was deep inside if her and vibrating like crazy, she bounced on it like it was the real thing. Zarina had never seen such a deep pussy and so much stamina! Who would have known a sweet, innocent little Rani could be such a vixen! Zarina played with Rani’s button, while she sucked her tits. Her other hand, wet and soapy was caressing Rani’s free nipple, pulling and pinching it. As Rani came with a loud, heaving orgasm, she screamed in ecstasy. “Yes, yes, yes!” Zarina was afraid the neighbours would hear, Rani was so loud!

“Fuck that was too good!” Rani said, biting her lips, as Zarina pulled out the dildo. Then she snatched the dildo from Zarina’s hands and looked at her coquettishly and giggled, “My turn, hero!”

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Sasha Bings

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