Rainy Days – Finale

* Note : Contains Explicit Sexual Content

In the Bedroom

Zarina walked out of the coffee-shop with Mallika. There was a slight drizzle of rain. They walked in silence to Mallika’s apartment in Colaba opposite the Fariyas Hotel; Mallika looked drained. She was taking the rest of the day off. Neither of them said much but the tension between them was palpable. Why had Zarina agreed to meet her? Suddenly she felt like she was back at Ground Zero. The earth opened up and was swallowing her whole. Mallika leaned forward, pecked Zarina on the cheek. Zarina couldn’t look her in the eye. They said their byes and Zarina walked solemnly back to her office in Nariman Point. She needed the long walk to calm her mind which was in tumultuous upheaval.

That awkward coffee meeting was followed by two subsequent days of incessant messaging, which turned to sexual innuendo until neither of them could take it anymore. The spark had been lit. They could never keep their hands off each other when they were together. It felt like just yesterday that Zarina had made love to Mallika. Her groin throbbed hard at the thought of her tongue all over Mallika’s buttery skin, exploring every crevice of her body, deeply inside of her, tongue-fucking her. Oh god! How Mallika drove her wild. She wanted to fuck Mallika so badly it hurt.

Mallika asked Zarina to come over on Saturday afternoon under the pretext of talking. They had to work through their issues; she didn’t want to lose Zarina in her life, Mallika said. Yet from the moment Zarina walked through the door of Mallika’s small but intimate apartment, they found each other. They groped like wild animals, kissing ardently and desperately, tongues entwined, breathing hard, falling all over the place.

Zarina allowed Mallika to lead her to the bedroom, undressing herself slowly along the way, making sure Zarina watched her every movement. Off went her t-shirt, her bra, her track pants, her panties as she removed them in her sexy, nonchalant way. Zarina held the door frame tight as Mallika bent over, naked, her arse opening up in Zarinas direction, as she planted herself on the bed.

Mallika lay on the bed naked, one leg crooked up on the bed, the other lazily splayed out so that her pussy was fully visible from the door. Her ex-lover stood at the entrance in partial shadow watching her. One of Mallika’s arms flopped up against the soft white pillows, framing her head. Her other hand stroked her luxurious golden tits, she fondled her brown nipples between her thumb and forefinger, making them hard to the touch. She knew it excited Zarina when she touched her own body in this way.

Zarina watched from the door, biting her lip; she tasted blood. Months had gone by and yet there was never a day when Zarina didn’t imagine this: Mallika naked, splayed out on the bed, a lazy afternoon, the creamy golden hue of her body highlighted by the few shafts of light coming in through the drawn curtains.

Mallika continued to stroke her tits, she put her two forefingers inside her mouth, sucked on them and then put the saliva back on her tits, wetting them, then pulled them, played with them. Zarina could feel the unbearable throbbing in her groin. “I want you to touch yourself baby,” ordered Mallika. Zarina obeyed. Her right hand went inside her pants, inside her baby pink lace panties….God, she was so fucking wet! Her panties were already drenched. She found the throbbing button and stroked it. “Touch yourself naked,” ordered Mallika.

Zarina removed her clothes. Mallika stared hard, making sure Zarina was self-conscious, shy with her gaze. Zarina’s large tits were now exposed and excited. With one hand she opened her pussy, and with the other she fondled her large button that was throbbing like mad now. “Don’t make yourself come,” sighed Mallika, her breath heavy, from the bed. “Not yet.” She was going insane watching Zarina this way. She wanted Zarina’s huge tits in her mouth. She wanted to suck them while Zarina’s nimble fingers played with her pussy. She wanted to be finger-fucked while she sucked on Zarina’s melons. Almost as if reading her mind, Zarina walked over to the bed, slowing down and taking in the length of Mallika’s body when she was just inches away from the bed.

“Fucking come here! I can’t take it any more!” Mallika’s eyes were moist with pleasure, with desire, with anticipation. She wanted Zarina close to her, her heat pulsing through her body, her hands groping at every part of her, pinching her, squeezing her, biting her, sucking her, giving her goosebumps. She grabbed Zarina and pulled her close to her, wrapping her legs around her body, her wetness spilling onto Zarina’s body like a fountain. She found her lips and forced Zarina’s tongue deeply into her mouth. Zarina’s head was spinning, her heart and pulse racing, she squeezed Mallika’s hard, wet breast. Mallika groaned. “I’ve wanted you so badly baby…” Her voice trailed off.

Zarina’s fingers were now on Mallika’s pussy, inside of it, moving in and out, slowly, then hard, harder, until she was fucking Mallika with her fingers. “God baby, look at how you’re fucking me!” Groaned Mallika, her head thrown back on the pillows. She grabbed the sheets. Her tits bounced back and forth with the momentum of Zarina’s thrusting in and out of her. Her legs were thrown high up in the air, opening up her pussy. Zarina’s one hand supported her ass and squeezed it hard. Mallika squealed, as she panted and groaned hard. Her button felt like it was going to explode. “Faster baby, faster.”

Zarina put in a second finger and thrust harder. With her thumb she stroked the rim of Mallika’s asshole until it opened up to let her in. She alternated fucking Mallika’s pussy and her ass. Mallika loved to be butt-fucked in this way too. She loved it when Zarina would tongue fuck her asshole. Mallika was on fire. Zarina’s tongue was now flicking Mallika’s button while she continued to fuck her two holes.

“Do you want me to stop?” teased Zarina. She was fully in control of Mallika’s body now. It was doing everything she wanted it to do, responding in the ways it used to. She wanted Mallika to come so fucking hard. Mallika moaned and groaned. “No God no! Don’t you dare!” She threatened as she let out a low moan. “Oh god baby, I’m coming, I’m coming….Oh God! Don’t stop, don’t stop.” Her voice was reaching a high pitch now. Zarina could feel Mallika’s body climaxing. Moments before Mallika came, Zarina withdrew her fingers from Mallika’s enlarged throbbing hole, and took her clit gently in her mouth and sucked on it. Mallika came, with Zarina’s head firmly between her legs, her hand grabbing Zarina’s head, pushing her face into her pussy. She let out one loud, long final groan as her pussy went into multiple convulsions, spasming wildly as she orgasmed. “Yes baby, just like that, just how I like it.” Her button throbbed and was sore with pain and pleasure inside of her ex-lovers mouth.

As Mallika’s breathing slowed down, Zarina lay alongside her, her hand caressed her ex-lover’s body gently, moving up and down it like a feather. It tickled and pleased Mallika. Mallika’s body was still hot, her head flushed. After a while, Mallika looked up at her ex-lover, meeting her dark eyes lost in the throes of love. Her eyes implored Zarina’s and she dared to ask: “Do you love me?” Zarina’s hand stopped where they were between Mallika’s breasts. She raised the hand to cup Mallika’s face, and drew herself closer, kissing her cheeks, her closed eyelids and her forehead. Just then, a shaft of light fell on Zarina’s face. She squinted towards the light as she held Mallika against her breast. “What is love, darling?” she sighed, as she stroked her ex-lover’s bare back.

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