Round Two

“I hope you’re ready for round two soon.”

I blush at Diana’s words and bury my face in her chest. God, she is insatiable. I press a few gentle kisses on her skin before raising my head to smirk at her.

“I’m sure it won’t take me long,” I toy, circling my finger over her arm. I smile and roll off of her, lay back and breathe deeply, still tingly from our romp.

Her voice is low and sultry. “Do you mind if I grab a cigarette, Love?”

“Go ahead.”

She slides off the bed and saunters across the room on lean, toned legs, her long black tresses sweeping over her shoulders as she bends down to where she dropped her purse, giving me another view of her irresistible body. When she returns and lays back on the bed, I turn on my side and admire her enjoying the cigarette.

I gaze at her face – her flushed cheeks, the mole on her chin, my lipstick smudged on the corners of her mouth. I let my eyes travel across her body, her slender neck, her sculpted arms. They linger a bit at her pert breasts. Her nipples are pink and erect, there’s a light sheen of sweat on her taut stomach. The lacy black outfit she had shed earlier did no justice to what was underneath. She is exquisite.

“I hope you like what you see.” Her words break my thoughts and I flash my eyes back to her beautiful face. She takes a long drag from her cigarette, but she can’t hide the tempting smile on the corner of her mouth. The playfulness in her eyes makes my cheeks burn.

“I do,” I whisper, smiling back shyly.

She puts her cigarette out in a mug on my bedside table. She’s ready to go again and so am I. I rise up and straddle her. I kiss her, from her jawline to her ear. She wraps her arms around me, pressing my bare breasts against hers. I kiss my way to her lips and taste the smoke on her tongue as it finds mine. Diana slides her hands down my back and cups my bottom. I groan into her mouth when her fingers dig into my skin. We devour each other with a passion I didn’t know we had. I want this woman again desperately.

I press hot kisses down her chest, between her breasts, flicking my tongue over her skin. I could kiss her all day. I draw her nipple into my mouth and suck. She cradles my head and runs her fingers through my hair. When my teeth graze her nipple, she gasps, “Don’t stop!”

I taste every bit of her skin as I slide down her body and between her thighs. I move my finger low and graze over her clit. She shivers. She is hot and slick where my fingers move lower.

“Do you see how wet I am for you, Princess?” she groans. I stroke the velvet between her legs as I kiss my way back up her chest, her neck and her jawline. I draw her lips back to mine and kiss her hungrily.

In a flash, she grips my waist and rolls me on my back as she rises over me. She leans close and whispers, “I think you’ve teased me enough, Love.”

She moves her lips across my jawline and nudges my legs apart with her knee. I open up to her and let her settle between my thighs.

“Now, lie back for me, Princess. I want to feel all of you.”

I moan and wrap my arms around her. Diana moves herself against me. Just her soft skin brushing against mine is enough to set fireworks off. Her clit brushes against mine and I gasp. Her lips press into my neck and she thrusts her hips, over and over again.

I’m desperate to feel more of her. I slide my hand down her back to cup her bottom and pull her thigh up over my own, feeling every inch of her wetness against mine. I can’t hold back, and start moving myself against her.

“Ohhhhhh yes,” she moans. She holds my waist and breathes against my chest as she rolls her hips faster.

We move together in sync, panting and moaning. I close my eyes and let myself enjoy her. The sensation of her lips, her fingers, her skin, her sex against me is overwhelming. Everything else disappears around us. It’s just her and me, wrapped up in each other. She grinds faster against me and I reach closer to my release. Ecstasy rushes over me as I arch my back and call out her name. Revelling in my own euphoria, I hear her groan against my breast.

We stay pressed against each other for a while, panting heavily. I slowly open my eyes and become aware of this gorgeous woman on top of me. Her face is nestled between my breasts, she shifts a bit and gently kisses my skin. I feel the wetness from her release on my thigh and smile to myself.

Diana lifts up her head and looks into my eyes. She’s flush and out of breath. Smiling, she bites her lip, shyly.

“My god, Princess, the things your body does to mine…”

Brushing her teeth against my skin, she whispers, “I’m not sure what I loved more… tasting you or every inch of you rubbing against me.”

This story was about: Lesbianism Sexuality

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