Rules [Part II]

As she sat there, within touching distance of Jane, Dee tried to process all that she was feeling. It was as if she was sitting in a vacuum, the air completely sucked out of her lungs and her mixed emotions suspended around her. She could smell Jane’s perfume wafting toward her, riding on the cold air the car’s air conditioner was puffing out at them. It was the same one that had filled her up that evening. Partly to banish those memories from her mind and partly to fill up the silence that was slowly becoming uncomfortable, Dee awkwardly attempted to make small talk. The very lameness of it made her cringe, but it was Jane’s almost cold and curt replies in that husky voice of hers that made her want to sink into the seat and disappear. It didn’t help that every time Jane answered, her eyes looked as if they were silently reprimanding her for her decision that evening. Determined to not let it get to her, Dee kept a friendly banter going. Jane replies were polite, often punctuated with a sigh of exasperation. Eventually, Dee’s persistence paid off and they slipped into what could only be described as a semi-comfortable silence.

Seeing an opportunity to remove the small wedge that evening had driven between them, a hesitant Dee ventured, “I’m glad you’re here. I’ve missed you.” Jane stopped concentrating on the yellow streetlights whizzing by and refocused her complete attention on Dee. Their eyes locked and neither of them was able to look away or even seemed to want to. Their eyes glinted, more from burgeoning desire than from the headlights of the cars passing by.

“I’ve missed you too,” replied Jane softly. As the words spilled out of her, Jane’s glance slipped down to Dee’s lips.  A delightful shiver slowly crawled down Dee’s back and she felt her mouth taking on the shape of a smile. Jane moved closer and placed her right hand on the backrest and almost around Dee’s shoulders. Leaning in close, she mocked, “How’s that rule of yours doing?” When Dee didn’t answer, Jane moved her right hand to the nape of Dee’s neck and massaged gently. Her breath hot on Dee’s ear, she whispered, “Enough, don’t you think? These rules? They’re pissing the fuck out of me and I think we are way past one night stands.”

Dee’s mind went blank, like a TV switching off due to an unexpected power cut. Jane’s nimble fingers were doing a brilliant job of making her words disappear. “Say something? Anything?” Jane urged in a tone laced with irritation, when Dee continued to be silent. Her warm fingers continued to move insistently across Dee’s neck, almost as if they were trying to coax an answer out. Her thumb moved to that soft spot right below Dee’s ear, caressing it slowly, all the way from her earlobe to her collarbone. Dee sucked her breath in and closed her eyes, tilting her head up and away from Jane, exposing her neck. “I guess that counts as an answer,” Jane smirked, as she pulled away.

Confused by the sudden rejection, Dee watched as Jane leaned forward and spoke to the driver, asking him to stop and fetch them a bottle of water. The driver pulled into an almost empty parking lot of a supermarket and got out. The moment he started walking away, Jane moved closer to Dee. Dee could smell Jane’s perfume rising off her in waves. As Jane’s hand returned to Dee’s neck, her skin broke out in delicious goose bumps. “So…where were we?” murmured Jane, as she nuzzled against Dee’s cheek and planted soft kisses on her hot skin. She slowly moved her free hand to Dee’s thigh. Dee felt the heat radiating from her palm even through her jeans as Jane’s fingers drew teasing circles while her hand slid to the inside of her leg and up. A breathy moan broke free from Dee, her mind spinning with pleasure and her body aching to reciprocate.

Jane moved to Dee’s neck. As she sucked and bit gently, Dee gave in to what her body was asking her to do. With one hand, she yanked on Jane’s t-shirt, pulling her even closer. She pushed her other hand around Jane’s neck and up into her short hair, her fingers grabbing on to it. She brought her face down to Jane’s and stopped inches away from her lips. Breathing hard, they looked at each other, their overwhelming desire giving pause to their searching hands and lips. A few seconds were enough and then the spell broke. Their lips met. Hungrily, teeth gnashing against teeth. Biting, sucking, tongues exploring each other.

Jane shifted and straddled Dee without breaking the kiss. She looped her right hand around Dee’s neck, while the fingers on her free hand entangled themselves in Dee’s hair. Dee wrapped her arms around Jane’s waist, drew her closer and held her to her body, feeling her warmth through her soft thin cotton t-shirt. She ran her hands across Jane’s back as their kiss settled into a slow yet intense rhythm. Jane bit Dee’s lips softly, tracing their soft lines with her warm tongue. Dee sucked gently, flicking her tongue across Jane’s wet lips.

“Hmm…mmm…mmm…wait…wait…” mumbled Dee all of a sudden, reluctantly breaking the kiss.

“You’re fucking kidding me. Don’t tell me it’s your bloody rule,” said Jane, making as if to get up off Dee.

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