Rules [Part III : Finale]

“No. Wait,” ordered Dee, holding Jane in place. “Just…wait. I need to do something.” With Jane watching her with a look that bordered on curiosity, Dee pulled her cell phone out. Quickly dialing a number, she spoke into it while she looked at Jane, her eyes twinkling with amusement at Jane’s annoyance.  “Hello?  Yes, it’s Dee. I called to ask if you’ve bought that bottle yet? No? Good. Don’t. We’ve actually made other plans so you can take the rest of the day off. We’ll take the car from here. Thank you. Ahaan….Sure. I will. Have a nice day.”

Dee hung up and tossed her cell phone aside. “C’mere,” she murmured, pulling Jane back to her. Jane sank into her, kissing her deeply. Dee’s fingers played with the hem of her t-shirt. Holding Jane’s waist, she slipped her thumbs under her t-shirt and caressed her warm, soft skin. Wanting to feel more of it under her fingertips, Dee thrust her hands under her t-shirt and ran her fingers up Jane’s back, from the soft dimples to the nape of her neck. Jane broke the kiss and leaned back, breathing hard. Dee held Jane’s gaze as her fingers traced the curves down Jane’s side. Her hands moved over the gentle curves of her waist and stroked her taut stomach. She pushed her hands further up and fondled Jane’s breasts as she took her t-shirt off. Dee squeezed, feeling the nipples harden through the black lace. She pulled a strap off Jane’s shoulder, tracing its movement down with her lips. Jane ground her hips into Dee and shivered as she felt the cool air grazing the wet kisses Dee had left on her shoulder. Reaching behind her, she snapped the hooks and took her bra off in one smooth move. Dee covered Jane’s breasts in her palms and squeezed. She leaned forward, covered a nipple with her mouth and twirled her tongue around it, making Jane arch into her. Dee sucked in response and felt her nipple harden like little raisins in her mouth. Jane held on to the seat’s backrest and threw her head back with a moan. Gritting her teeth and sucking the air in with a hiss, Jane looked at Dee, her eyes whirlpools of desire. She reached over Dee’s back and yanked her top over her head. Bending down, she kissed Dee’s neck, leaving a tattoo of hickeys. Dee raked her nails into Jane’s back and groaned.

Shifting forward in her seat, Dee gave Jane enough room to wrap her legs around her. She then lifted Jane and moved so that she lay on the seat. Dee looked down at Jane fondly and brushed her hair out of her face, tracing her jaw with a finger. She bent down and kissed her, grinding into Jane. Jane matched her thrust for thrust and moan for moan. Grabbing Jane’s waist with both hands, Dee started to trace a line with her lips, starting from her neck, across her stomach and down to the waistband of Jane’s pants. Jane pushed her head back into the seat and lifted her hips. Dee took the buttons off and pulled the zipper down very, very slowly. Smiling wickedly, she came back up to face Jane. As her lips met Jane’s, she thrust a hand between their entwined bodies and down into Jane’s pants. Jane bucked under Dee, raising her hips to meet Dee’s eager fingers. Dee teased, dipping her fingers into Jane’s wetness and running them lightly over her swollen clit. Jane closed her eyes and moaned loudly in response as Dee started moving her fingers in those hypnotic circles. Jane bit down on her lips and spread her legs wider, her hands holding on to the seat’s backrest. Dee stroked hard, eased off and stroked again, pushing Jane to the brink and bringing her back, over and over.

“Please…now…” gasped Jane, pushing down on Dee’s hand with her own. Dee kissed Jane while her fingers worked her clit, this time without a break. Jane grabbed Dee’s hair roughly with one hand while she thrust her body into her. She clenched hard and felt herself nearing the edge. “Baby……mmmm……I’m……oh fuck…”moaned Jane, as her orgasm sent waves of ecstasy coursing through her body. Dee stopped moving and nuzzled into Jane’s neck, holding her close and waiting for the spasms to ebb. A few seconds later, Jane sighed as her body relaxed and she sank back into the seat. Dee looked up and held her gaze.

“I think I’m falling for you,” she said quietly.

“I think I already did,” replied Jane.

“So. What next?” asked Dee, as she played with Jane’s hair.

“Hmm. How about checking me into my hotel?” asked Jane, as the corners of her lips lifted up in a smirk.

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