Sailing Away

Barefoot, I lean on the railing of the bow, breathing in the salty air of the sea. The breeze is light, the sun shines, and it’s the perfect day for a sail. Perfect for our first weekend away together. We’ve been spending all our free time with each other since we first met three weeks ago. But this weekend on her boat will be just the two of us… alone.

My ears perk at her soft footsteps coming towards me. Slim fingers slowly trace down my nearly bare back, lingering at the clasp of my bikini top, and her other hand rests on my hip. 

“Enjoying the view, Princess?” Diana murmurs in my ear, before pressing her lips on the back of my neck. 

Smiling, I turn to face her and interlace our fingers. I sweep my gaze over her; a deep blue bikini highlights her exquisite athletic body. When my eyes meet her striking blue ones, I lean closer and whisper softly, “I am now.”

My lips meet hers gently at first, before we are locked in a passionate embrace. Her hand cups my face while her other is on my back; her thumbs stroke my skin gently while her tongue strokes my tongue. I wrap both my arms around her neck, deepening our kiss, tangling my fingers in long, black hair. She pulls my lower lip between hers and sucks, and I moan. She releases my lips from hers and kisses her way along my jaw to my ear. Electricity shoots through my body as she takes my earlobe between her lips and sucks it slowly. I groan at the light graze of her teeth, her hand has now unclasped my bikini top.

“You like it when I do that. Don’t you, Princess?” she murmurs. I try to answer but gasp instead as she cups my breast and begins to stroke my nipple.

Dampness spreads between my thighs and heat rises to my cheeks. I slide my hands down from her hair to her back, untying her bikini top. I cup her bottom and bring her closer, pressing her body against mine. Diana’s lips move down to my neck, slowly kissing, sucking, nibbling. “Should we take this inside?” she whispers to my skin between kisses.

I smirk. “Do we really need to be inside?”

Capturing her lips in mine, I walk her towards one of the lounge chairs, while we shed what is left of our bathing suits in a trail behind us. Swiftly, she turns me around and I lie back on the lounge chair as she climbs on top of me. Her mouth moves down my neck, my breasts, my stomach. She kisses my skin passionately, taking her time to taste every bit of it. I gasp as her tongue traces my nipples, till they’ve hardened. Her hands caress my thighs and she opens them. She pauses, lifts her head, and grins before burying her face between my legs. Her eagerness excites me. 

She parts my lips and strokes me with her tongue, long and slow. She takes her time tasting me. I squirm in ecstasy but she wraps her arms around my thighs, pulling them over her shoulders to hold me in place. Her tongue traces slow circles on my clit. She pulls it between her lips and gently sucks. I moan and curl my toes; she holds my legs tightly and pulls me even closer to her. I move my hand down to tangle it in her soft, black hair. Not taking her lips away from me, Diana moves a hand in between my legs. Teasingly, she slips one finger inside me, then another, skillfully curling them to reach my g-spot. I arch my back and call out her name. Finally feeling her inside me, stroking, caressing, is earth-shattering. The sensation of her fingers and lips on my most intimate parts are overpowering. Her pace quickens, my toes curl and I pant heavily. It’s too much. I move my hips to meet her fingers. Diana lifts her head and murmurs, “Come for me, Princess.” 

Euphoria washes over me. I clench against her, my eyes roll back in my head. Intensity radiates through my body. She only slows her pace and stops completely once my body stops shaking. I slowly open my eyes, blinking away the colours. I momentarily stare at the clear sky smiling and panting. This incredible woman makes me feel bold and free and…good. She feels like a new day, fresh and exciting. Flush and tingly, I slowly raise myself on my elbows to meet her eyes. She rests her chin on my belly and traces circles on my hips with her thumbs. Looking into her twinkling, blue eyes, I’m somehow hit with another rush of arousal. Her lips glisten as she smirks and says, “I think this is going to be a good weekend.”

This story was about: Gender Identities Lesbianism Sexuality

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