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She sat across from me, one leg crossed over the other. Her arms folded. Never a good sign. Almost as if she were protecting herself. What from I wondered? We were just talking…weren’t we ?

She laughed at something I said, her eyes twinkled… were they hazel with a little something else? or green as I imagined them to be? I wanted to get closer to her. To find out. No. I wanted to be over her, staring into her eyes, breathing the same air with our lips barely touching, her fingers in my hair, my hand caressing the delicious curve of her hip. That is how I wanted to find out.

I would get my wish.

I’d met her for the first time one evening at a friend’s place. She was there – A friend of a friend of a friend. We laughed, we joked surrounded by many. It wasn’t just the two of us. Then I met her again and again and again. Still surrounded by a mass of humanity. And each time, I discovered something new about her that would make me smile when I got home. In the early days it may have been her softly spoken yet perfectly timed wry comment that had me grinning. When it became the shadows cast by the angles of her neck, the movement of her long and delicate fingers, her eyes…oh my. Her eyes. Then I knew I was in trouble.

We walked to the subway station together one night after yet another gathering with twenty others who I deemed unnecessary and in the way of my hidden adoration of She. We spoke at length, About herself, About me, About truth, beauty and love. Not really. But I honestly can’t remember. I was distracted. She told me she was leaving town next week for a new job. Uh Oh. I hurriedly said we should celebrate her last week in town and suggested a nightcap at my place. She lived a few blocks away anyway? “Hmm ?” [Yeah, I know right?] She smiled at me and slowly nodded.

At my place. I told her to get comfortable while I got out the wine. Half a bottle later, I’d exhausted all my questions about her new job. She sat across from me, one leg crossed over the other. Her arms folded. I looked at her hoping with no justifiable reason that my desire to pepper her body with kisses was not clearly evident on my face. We stared intensely at each other for five minutes. It seemed like an hour. No words spoken.

“Well, I guess that settles it.” She laughed shyly but her eyes twinkled. Like she knew this was coming. Like she wanted this as much as I did. This time, I had to find out the color of her eyes. I walked up to her and held out my hand. She held out hers and I pulled her up, taking my time to enjoy the feeling of her hand in mine. Running my thumb over her fingers. I started walking to the bedroom, slowly…giving her time to pull away if this was not what she wanted. She came anyway. We sat down on the bed. Our hands still entwined. I leaned closer to her and whispered in her ear. “May I kiss you”. Her nod was almost imperceptible. But her breathing quickened. That was my answer. I grazed her lips gently with mine. I sucked on her upper lip, then her lower lip. She started kissing me back. We began a slow exploration…sucking, nipping, licking. Our tongues met and we couldn’t stop ourselves. She plunged her tongue into my mouth, I sucked it …groaning. I needed more of her. I needed to feel skin. Mine against hers. I pulled her t-shirt off in haste. She reached out for my shirt. I helped her remove it and my bra in one go. I nudged her to lie on the bed at the same time unhooking the restraints on her delectable cleavage.

She was beautiful. I started to tug at her jeans, slowly, teasing her. Wanting her to want me. And she did. I could smell her through her lace panties. They were soaked. She moaned when she saw me pull them down, looking at her sex.  I felt an indescribable urge to taste her, I had to taste her. So I did. Slowly, I licked and sucked her delicious folds and then I stopped. I wanted all of her. I placed myself on top of her body. Feeling and kissing every inch of available skin – her breasts, her stomach, her hips, her legs, her inner thighs. She whimpered and moaned and made sounds that drove me crazy with lust. They made me wet. “Please…”. I had to feel her most intimate place. Touch her there. My fingers entered her, through copious wetness. She gasped. I started thrusting…slowly, moving my thumb over her nub. Rubbing her there. “Oh God”. She grabbed my hair and looked into my eyes. Her hand running up and down my back. Like she was searching for purchase. I moved faster. Her face took on that curious expression of indescribable pleasure. I knew she was close. I thrust another finger, increased the pressure of my thumb. Rubbed faster. Faster. Her eyes were open, staring deep into mine. We were breathing hard. She moaned loudly. Very loudly. Holding onto the pleasure I knew I was giving her. Suddenly, Her breath caught. Her eyes closed. She gasped. Shuddered. Her sex clenched around my fingers. Her fingers dug into my back. She gushed her juice over my fingers. She came. I held her close as her orgasm released her. Her breathing heavy. Her skin slick with sweat. I placed butterfly kisses on her cheek and whispered senseless things into her ear, nuzzling into the hollow of her neck. We lay like that for a while. Then the fingers in my hair moved, urging my face up over hers. I looked down at her. Waiting for her to reveal the secrets of her blissfully closed eyes. Our lips barely touching. Breathing the same air. My hand caressing the delicious curve of her hip. She opened her eyes.

They were green.

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