She Showed Love, Asked For It & Got Scared Of The Intensity

I finally went for the much awaited holiday. Neha was a good friend of my sister, so I had heard stories about her, she often came up in our conversations, I knew she was fun and was an intelligent girl and definitely a pretty face, but what I did not knew, came to me later, and hit me hard on my face. Tch tch!

We went along with other friends and stayed at her place, as usual I was in my relaxed mood and all I wanted was to chill and have a laidback holiday, I did not pay much attention to anyone. I enjoyed sipping my beer and cracking up jokes. A guy friend of mine was constantly hitting on her and I was encouraging him like a god and a supportive ally as well as a friend. So after the weekend few of them left, and I, stayed back along with my sister. We got along really well, I was enjoying Neha’s company and pretty soon I concluded that she could be a good friend, she used to flirt with me, however, I did not make anything of it.
She also had the habit of cuddling with me at night and I liked being cosy so again, I did not make a fuss about it. The day of my departure she asked me to stay back for a few more days, she promised me a friendly date too, and as I was having a blast I did cancel my ticket. My sister had to leave in a couple of days and so I planned to leave with her and as days passed by, Neha and I bonded really well and I kind of opened up to her and that’s a rare thing for me. My birthday was quite near and she got a reason to ask me to stay back once again. I was like, “ Are you out of your mind ?I can’t do that! You know my work is suffering,”. It was really hard to deny and say no to her adorable face. I was in a big dilemma, everything was at stake. I was getting constant calls from my dad, he wanted me back and take care of his business, and I knew I had to go back and take care of my responsibilities .

And the kind of person I was I listened to my heart and once again cancelled my ticket. I asked my sister to leave without me, she was obviously surprised well that was kind of expected but I was glad to stay back and when I broke the news to the girl she was excited and happy with my decision. My sister left and Neha ditched office most of the days. We use to cuddle up and talk about anything under the sun, I tried working for at least 2 hours every day. The flirting continued and I realised how much I like it, and often expected it. And did I mention, I had a steady boyfriend and lately I was feeling empty in that relationship. There seemed to be a void inside me when I was with him. I never felt the spark that lovers flaunt of, it was never there. We were more like friends. I do love him in my own way and that was the reason that whenever I tried breaking up, I couldn’t because he loved me a lot, and I couldn’t see him cry.

So back to where we were, on my birthday we partied long and she held me throughout. We ignored the comments, honestly it did not feel anything unusual. The next day she challenged me to a kiss and I said she can’t do that, and I laid down and the next moment she kissed me on my lips. My reaction was not of being panic stricken or an overwhelming surprise. I was calm. I still did not make anything of it. The same night, the topic of homosexuality came up in our tete-a-tete. Sexual orientation is a natural thing, homosexuality is as natural as heterosexuality. This choice is a personal preference and not any body’s business. Anyway, she asked me if I ever had a crush on a girl. I did feel something for her. But I could not admit anything to her. I told her that I was never involved with a girl and had never hooked up with one. She said, why don’t u give it a try?. I mustered all my strength and asked her if she would be willing to try with me. She agreed. We kissed and hugged and what I felt with her, I had never felt like that in my entire life. It was intense, it was heaven….it was beautiful.

To be continued …

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