Short Story : Date With Frankie


Yes hon…

I think I’m going on a date…

Ohhh… is it someone we know?

Nope. Frankie moved into this district last semester.

I see. So you ‘think’ but are not sure it’s a date?!

Yeah… you know…its kinda weird… I wasn’t really paying attention at the time cos Pete and Terry were punching each other… and the boys were betting their bb cards on it and it happened all quiet like and I guess it was a bit unexpected.

I see. So what exactly did this Frankie say…

Well a group of us were discussing the movies releasing over Halloween and no one wanted to see the documentary on Jesus called The Zealot and so I said I’d have to go on my own, when Frankie said that going along for some Roman history would be great for an upcoming assignment.

Oh… I see.

Mawwwmmmm… what exactly do you see?! Cos I’m confused with you carrying on ‘see’ ing and ‘oh’ ing to everything I say…doesn’t help…at all!

Well. To be honest. I don’t see what I see either. Why don’t you just go, have a good time and not expect too much…hhmmm?

Okay…thanx mom… Frankie’ll pick me up on a vintage baby Honda… would it be okay if I borrowed the extra helmet?

I’m sure it’ll be fine. Just don’t scratch it or worse leave it behind somewhere.

A week later the brooming of a bike brought Joanna crashing down the stairs, much to the amusement of her parents, who turned to watch from the kitchen, down the corridor as the bell rang.

The door, framed a shaking head of flaming red, tousled curls falling out of a helmet, dressed in a cleavage revealing white vest and flying jacket over torn faded blues and scuffed ole cowboy boots.

Moms! This is Frankie. Frankie these are my moms, Liz and Cath.

Puzzled green eyes looked down the corridor while a set each of blue and brown eyes gawked right back, as both older women expelled slow, quiet breaths turning to their raven haired girl in pastels, jeans and sandals.

Joanna’s beaming 32 dropped to a hesitant 21 as misconstrued elements fell into place. The biker straightened up, stepped into the doorway, mirth dancing in her twinklers and a gentle smile on her face saying – hello ma’am… looking at each mother and grinning a – hey ho at her friend.

We’ll be sure to get back before midnight. We might stop for dinner though after the movie but I won’t be drinking as I’m driving my bike.

Please don’t worry, I’ll bring Joanna back safe.

Er.. that’s good to know…

You er…girls have fun…

Bye moms, see you later…

Both girls turned and walked out the door into the evening light as Liz and Cath allowed their tensed muscles to relax and looked at each other for the first time in the longest seven minutes of the day.

Well… unless she explores, she’s never going to know, right? In hindsight, you must agree, its better now than later.

I see.

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