Short Story : Trophy

She is bored…. has looked over everyone in the packed disc, mingling with people yet no one interesting or attractive. None would be worth a second look…she feels the need for a beer and probably a smoke too. She is disappointed with the crowd…then suddenly; a tall almost devilishly cute gal dances her way into the centre of the dance floor… She immediately attracts everyone’s attention…it was palpable! She grooves slowly and her each move is more piercing than the last one. She seemed to be pretty popular…our dancer chic comes back with a beer… finds her place was taken by the new entrant…. almost miffed….. for being dethroned… But the charming gal pulls her closer to herself…. and she is immediately sold….!!! They both have an instant flame…. the eye contact almost takes away whatever was left to be guarded between the two. The dancer chic could not help but grab her by her sexy waist and… feel her a bit…. they come close and kiss….and thereafter, almost in a way feeling victorious the dancer chic lifts the flame up!!! Like a trophy she won that night…for everyone to see…..!!!

For u,
From me!

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