Short Story : Young & Foolish

One evening in the rainy season, when I stepped out after it has stopped to rain, cold sweet smelling breeze blew onto my face pushing my short hair back. That’s one thing which can get me excited after a long boring day. I leaned against a damp wall facing the empty lanes, slippery roads, water droplets dripping off the leaves into the tiny puddles and the ripples travel all the way to touch my bare feet. I could not waste such a beautiful evening standing and I pulled out my bicycle and took off to ride it.

There’s this sloppy road a favorite of mine that’s where I decided to start. I started at its top and was enjoying the greenery around when it got a lot greener,someone caught my attention. She was riding her bike up the slope and I thought the evening just got even better than anticipated. I changed my route and followed her for about half an hour before I came to my senses and realised may be it is getting a little too obvious and was scaring her. I thought, “I’ll call it a day” and went home. I went on to my terrace and just when I was thinking the evening couldn’t get better than that she came onto her roof top. I thought to myself, “I have been living here for two years and am seeing her now?”. Later that summer we became friends.

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