The Beginning

I see you now as I saw you then, Bright and brighter still.

As I lie here today
Cradled in the warm infinity of her arms
I think of that first time
On that one September night
Cold and grey and dark
Till she walked in
With her fists full of sunshine.
I was blinded then, momentarily
For I knew not of such a light
That could lift shadows from the mind.

I see her now as I saw her then
Bright and brighter still
With hair radiant like moonshine
Eyes like doors to a million galaxies
Her lips always full of timelessness
And all of her made me see
That I had been living out my life
In others’ half finished stories.

As I hold her hand today
I think of that first time
She put her hand in mine.
There was a war afoot,
A war of conventions
Pitting normal-love against strange-love
As if they were so different.
Her fingers clasped mine
While hatred gave the clamouring food
And I knew she would wreck me
But that wrecking would be so good.

I remember it well, love
I had asked her then
If she were ever afraid
Of the fire that kept burning louder every day?
She then smiled and said, “Nothing lasts forever”
So this too shall end
And when it is over
We’ll make art on the stones they threw at us
And dance on the mounds of ashes
We’ll take the rot out of their hearts
And grow flowers in the decay
A kiss on the lips
Ends the war
I kiss her lips, today.

This story was about: Comics Gender Sexuality

4 thoughts on “The Beginning

  1. This is a beautiful poem that is a picture as well. I say “picture” because it gives feelings forms। Forms that you can see, and feel at the same time. This poem is soft and strong at the same time. It’s gentle yet courageous. Little words, dainty expressions expressing deep love, pain, confidence and vulnerability all equally. I have read another poem by Anondita in this website before. So I had a certain expectation from the poet. And she certainly doesn’t disappoint me. Keep them poems coming girl!

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