The Courteous Traveller.


Come hither,
Lets play a song.
A song of senses-
Eyes and skin and touch and smell.
And your panting, I can so clearly hear.
The ebb and the flow of breath,
and my nearness synchronized to it.
Its a trick to foreplay
In midst of a suffocated crowd.
They are looking for reasons to strike.
How brave are you, my knight,
To brush your hands against mine.
To caresses and gently let it slide,
To not let go till I fall.
What gentle care and what consideration,
My man of a first meeting,
and probably the last.
Must I now do the same ?
Im but too scared.
I’m not a brave man
Ah hark to the calling
Did you hear it too ?
My station just announced.

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Clouds, stars, lousy humans and romantic bugs, mushrooms and starfish are what I write about. These verses are fantastical dreams and twisted realities. A rich broth of many secrets, some as is and some tempered with. Be cautious before tasting.
Mayank Bisht

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