The Date That Was…


G- Hey.

Me- Hey.

G- I am so sorry about today sweety. I hope you are not pissed at me.

Me- Nah. It’s ok. You feeling better?

G- Yea, a little better, I have been sleeping all day.

Me- So listen , I was wondering if you have told anyone about our date?

G- No, I haven’t. Why, have you?

Me- No. But I met N at the party yesterday and she insisted I come home and meet her. I really don’t want to tell her about our date.

G- Yea, sure…

Me-  Me and her have a lot to catch up on actually.

G- Yea, I heard about you guys.

Me- Oh, you did! Anyway, since she is your roommate now, I think I’ll be seeing you this evening anyway.

G- Yea, we’ll do the date later this weekend.

Me- Sure. See ya.

G- See ya



I reached N’s place eager to see G and meet her. Maybe hug her, I thought.

N and I were chatting in the balcony about the usual mundane events in our lives. I was desperately looking for ways to bring G up in the conversation. Maybe ask N if G is home? I didn’t say anything because that would make it too obvious. G and I haven’t had much of an interaction earlier and N probably thinks we don’t know each other.

N was answering my questions about how she is doing and I was just hoping she brings up G’s name somewhere. But, it wasn’t working. I wanted to go see her, hug her. After a while of listening to N talk about everything else but G, I decided to walk up to G’s room and say hi to her.

I walked towards the kitchen in the pretext of getting some water. Her room’s door was open, on my right. But I just couldn’t look. I was scared I would be intruding. I got a bottle of water and didn’t peek into her room. The cold feet led to a failed attempt.

There was something about her. Something that drew me to her. The way she carried herself. Her smile. Sigh! Her smile is enticing.  Everytime she hugged me with that smile I would feel like I am crumbling.

N and I decided to walk down to the store and get some cigarettes. I wanted to get my head around myself. Stepping outside would probably distract me, I thought. When we came back to the apartment, the radio was on. There was my chance.

“Who switched the radio on?” I asked while trying to hide the enthusiasm.

“Oh! G is living here for a while.”

“Really? I’ll go say Hi to her.”

I walked towards the room, scared, annoyed with myself for feeling so ridiculously about someone I hardly know. She was tucked in her blanket and was speaking on the phone. Suddenly, the fear of her catching me unguarded took over.

“Hey, I just came to say hi!”

I gave her a quick distant hug.

“Hey!” She smiled making me feel like I am about to collapse again. I get scared when I am bare attracted to someone, makes me feel vulnerable.

I walked out of the room quickly and joined N in the balcony.N was talking about don’t know what and I was simply feeling annoyed with myself.

G walked into the balcony and joined us. At some point, I stopped worrying and started enjoying her presence. The three of us were chatting about plenty of things while mainly discussing polyamory at length. After a while, N decided to go take a nap. I was glad she was exhausted. It was very well timed. G and I moved inside.

“So this is as good as a date. I get to spend time with you and talk to you.” I said

“I was not going to let you get away so easy, sweety.” she said with a mischievous grin.

G and I went on to talk about various things. But, I was more than distracted today. Her hungover-been-in-bed all day look was simply irresistible.

At some point, she asked “So do you write?”

“Yes. I do”

“What kind of stuff?”

“Ah…freeverse.” We were thigh to thigh close.

“Interesting. What do you write about?”

“Fiction usually. Also certain instances of my life. I like describing moments. Actually I love those moments which happen right before you are about to kiss someone or before you are about to make a move. There is something beautiful about that tension.”

“Wow, sounds nice.” “I read.” she said.

“Good move” I looked at her mischievously.

“I would love to read your work someday.” she smiled.

It was getting unbearable with every second that passed by.

“Soooooo………” I looked away from her.

A brief pause. I looked at her indulgingly.

“When I worked on a play with R, I wrote a script. I loved it. It was so much fun.” she said enthusiastically.

“Sooooo….. Warning or No warning?” I continued

“In what context?”

“Irrelevant of context, just answer.”

“I think I would like to be warned. I have sobered down over the years. If there is a warning, I think about it, make notes and give things a good thought….” she said.

I giggled. She was invincibly cute.

“Warning. I am going to kiss you.” I said, evidently aroused by now.

She flashed her smile again. And the next second her lips were locked over mine. We kissed and then we kissed some more. We refused to stop. It was as though the two of us had surrendered to the kiss. I was reading her lips. She was reading mine. We were blanketing each other. All my inhibitions and thoughts had dissolved into the warmths of her.We uncovered each other and explored all night long.

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