The First Night

At my door, Diana wraps her arms around my waist and kisses the back of my neck. I shiver and rustle through my purse for my keys. Her hands haven’t left me since we first kissed at the bar, and she doesn’t seem to want to take them away. The excitement and apprehension of my first night with this incredible woman rushes through me.

“Hurry up,” she whispers, before kissing my earlobe. 

I close my eyes, stifle a gasp and clutch my keys. I fumble to unlock the door, but once we’re inside, she pushes me up against the wall. I giggle at her eagerness and we resume our kissing. We’re more passionate here than at the bar. Our bodies pressed together, I try to run my fingers through her done up hair while her hands tug my jacket, and her tongue strokes mine.

Diana kisses me back, pushes my jacket off my shoulders, and swiftly unzips my little black dress. In a flash, it’s on the floor in a pool at my feet. She kisses me across my jaw, down my neck. I let out a moan as her tongue traces my collarbone. She briefly pulls away when my hands slip under her black lace blouse, to pull it over her head. Her skirt falls to the floor by her feet. I take a moment to admire her gorgeous body, perfectly accentuated by her lacy black bra and panties. When I see her doing the same to me, I blush, and attempt to cover myself. 

She stops me, takes my hand and interlaces our fingers together before she leans close to whisper: “Don’t be shy, Princess. You are exquisite.”

She pulls me into another deep kiss and swiftly unhooks my bra and tosses it aside. 

Her voice is husky. “Tell me what you want,” she murmurs between kisses as we fall back against the bed.

“You. All of you,” I whisper back, breathless. She trails her mouth down my chest and stomach, hooks her fingers in the waistband of my underwear and slowly slides them off. When her eyes run over my now naked body, I spread my legs and smirk, “Well, don’t keep me waiting.” 

She bites her lip. I blush at my own boldness and how turned on she looks right now. She kneels before me at the edge of the bed and pulls my knees over her shoulders, kissing along my thigh. When her tongue circles my clit, I gasp. Her strokes are long and slow, and she takes her time teasing me. 

“Mmmm, you taste so good,” she murmurs.

I squirm in delight and grasp her hair, untangling her updo. My thighs tremble as she holds them in place. I pant and moan; I’m already so close and she knows it too, when her tongue suddenly stops. I let out a frustrated groan.

“Not yet, Princess. Not like this,” she says and kisses her way back up my body, all the way to my lips. When her lips reach mine, she whispers, “I want to watch your face while you come.”

I feel a jolt of lust and drip at her words. She captures my mouth with hers and I taste myself on her tongue as we kiss hungrily and roll over until I’m on top of her. Her soft, black hair has come undone, and I run my fingers through it. Our nipples brush against each other, she caresses my back. 

Diana breaks our embrace and sits up, her back against the headboard. “Come here,” she urges, holding open her arms. I eagerly straddle her thighs and bury my face in her neck, wanting more and more of this incredible woman with every second. She slides her hand between my legs and I lift my hips up so slightly to give her access. I’m already so wet for her. She doesn’t take long to slip her one finger inside me and then another. I gasp and stroke her nipples as she curls her fingers inside me. 

She pumps her fingers rhythmically inside of me and a warmth spreads throughout my body. This isn’t teasing like earlier, she’s determined now, and so am I. Our kisses are frenzied and I move my hand down between her legs as well, urging her to spread them. I tease her clit with my finger and realize she is as wet as I am. 

Diana fists her free hand into my hair. “Ohhhh, Princess,” she moans. She quickens the pace of her fingers and so do I. It’s electrifying. I ache to open my eyes and watch her but the intensity doesn’t let me. So I keep them closed and enjoy the sensation of her fingers inside me. I let myself get lost in her touch and we pant together as we grind against each other. As I reach my release, I throw back my head and moan.

I clench against her fingers as euphoria radiates through my body. While I revel in my own bliss, she moans deeply and gushes onto my fingers. Her reaction thrills me even more. I smile to myself and rub her wetness between my fingers. Flush and tingly, I slowly open my eyes to meet hers. We stare at each other for a moment, panting. Diana’s gaze softens and a smile plays on her lips. She pulls me into her arms and kisses me tenderly. I eagerly kiss her back and hold her close. I lost myself in her, and found myself all over again.

Together, we lay back on the bed. I snuggle into her chest, and she runs her fingers through my short hair. Her heart is thumping wildly and I smile to myself. I wasn’t expecting to lose myself in this wonderful woman this fast. I wasn’t expecting this night with her to be this memorable. Before her, no one else, man or woman, has ever made me feel this way.

I tilt my head up and rest my chin on her chest. She is smiling at me. She brushes the hair off my slightly damp forehead and smirks.

“I hope you’re ready for round two soon.”

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