The PR Agent

* Note : Contains Explicit Sexual Content

Zarina woke up with a dull headache. She had spent a late night researching marketing opportunities for her company Zylo and smoked way too many cigarettes. Given the recession, revenues had slowed down considerably and the bills just kept piling up. She looked at the clock. 5.45 am and just under three hours of sleep. She thought of Mallika. Her head hurt again. It had been six months since they had broken up. But imagining Mallika’s face – her long eyelashes, the gentle fluttering of them while she slept – still made the bottom fall out of Zarina’s stomach. Fuck! Mallika was seeing someone else. How could she? After all they had shared?

Zarina forced herself out of bed, chanting her Buddhist chant. Buddhism had helped her recover some of the self-esteem she had lost after the break-up. She had always considered herself to be beautiful, smart, successful. Any man or woman would give an arm and a leg to be with her. But Mallika changed everything from the moment she walked through the door. Until that moment, Zarina didn’t know what love could feel like. She had always been the strong one. But Mallika’s delicate features, her sexy smile…God! What Zarina wouldn’t do to taste Mallika in her mouth again. That sweet salty taste of paradise.

Today, Zarina had to meet a PR Agent in Bandra. Padmini was one of the best in town and worked for lifestyle companies. She was also the page 3 type who showed up with a different boyfriend at every event, looking gorgeous of course. She had given Zarina the run-a-round for weeks. Zarina had to go to this meeting prepared. People like Padmini didn’t fuck around. They meant business. Getting a PR Agent like Padmini could turn her company around. Zarina pushed thoughts of Mallika out of her mind. That bitch!

Zarina did her chanting, took a shower, made her morning chai, read the paper. The writing was shit as always. If she didn’t have to run an art management company, Zarina swore she would have been a journalist. Teach these fuckers how to write. Fed up with bad language, she logged onto the internet. The New York Times. Ah! Real reporting! She called her cousin in Ohio and spent a good hour and fifteen minutes bitching about her ex.

Zarina looked at her watch. Shit! She had to get ready. She pored over her closet. What to wear? Finally she decided on a red denim skirt and a black sleeveless top. Heels or flats? Flats she decided. At five feet and 7 inches she was already taller than the average Indian woman. Padmini was sexy, but short. Zarina didn’t want to intimidate her.

9.45am. Salt Water Café. Bandra. Zarina was early. Padmini was due to arrive at 10am. She was 25 minutes late. Traffic. Of course! Padmini looked elegant. She was wearing a black sleeveless dress that came up just above her knees. She was accessorized well. A colorful African bracelet adorned her right wrist. A Dolce and Gabbana watch on her left. Black heels. Her black hair was pushed up. Her neck was…inviting. Zarina tried to focus. Business.

Padmini was flirtatious from the outset. Or so Zarina fantasized. Zarina ordered a cappuccino. Padmini ordered a rosé. It was hardly 11am! Zarina was impressed, Padmini bore a gold pendant with her initials. PM. Just above a very distracting cleavage. Zarina tried not to notice. But during the conversation, her eyes wandered down to the dark line separating the two hills formed whenever Padmini brought her arms together around her. Zarina cursed the Gods. Just her luck! Bloody beautiful and probably straight!

Zarina put her hands on the table and clasped her glass. She had chucked the coffee and moved on to wine. Two rosés down and a sexy woman in front of her. Deprived of sex for months, Zarina found her mind wandering to the inevitable. There was something about Padmini. Her mouth deliberately enunciating every word as she spoke. Her cleavage, bared. The way she flipped her head, her long black hair falling about her shoulders. Zarina was mesmerized. Padmini must have noticed. But if she did, she didn’t let on. She seemed to be enjoying the attention.

After her fourth rosé, Zarina couldn’t hold herself back anymore. “Sorry! You’re just so sexy,” she blurted out. As soon as she said it, she regretted it. Padmini stared her dumb-founded. They stared at each other for what seemed a good long time. Padmini stood up, as if to leave. Zarina thought “Fuck! This is going to be all over the fucking papers tomorrow!” Padmini clicked her fingers. The waiter sauntered over. She didn’t take her eyes off Zarina for a second. Zarina wished the ground would just open up and swallow her up.

Padmini paid. As she turned to leave, she shifted her gaze towards Zarina and lifted one eyebrow suggestively, tilting her head towards the exit. “Are you just going to sit there?” she said in her subtle, sexy way. Zarina, refusing to believe what was happening, brought herself to her feet clumsily. She followed Padmini out like a puppy dog. As Padmini got into her Mercedes, she gestured over to Zarina to get in the other side. The ride to Padmini’s apartment in Pali Hill was fraught, at least for Zarina. What was she getting herself into?

They entered the apartment. A lavish penthouse in Bandra, bought for Padmini by one of her many lovers no doubt. Padmini was effortless as she moved around her apartment. She made a couple of phone calls. Zarina sat on a couch that looked like an Italian design. Above it was a MF Husain painting.

Padmini came and sat next to Zarina. She put her hand gingerly on Zarina’s shoulder. Gently, she touched her ear and played with her left ear lobe. “You are kind of…hot” she said in her breathless way. Zarina’s heart skipped a beat. Was this really happening?

“You know I’ve never been with a woman.” Padmini teased. She tilted her head to one side as she kept her eyes fixed on Zarina’s face. Zarina’s head was a bit fuzzy from the wine. Awkwardly, she leaned forward and found Padmini’s mouth. It was soft. It tasted of strawberries. Her perfume smelled of citrus. Zarina tried to place it. It was one of those Shanghai Tang scents.

Padmini responded to Zarina’s kiss. Zarina’s right hand found Padmini’s left breast. It fit comfortably in her palm and she squeezed it. She heard Padmini gasp in her mouth while she kissed her. Her nipple hardened under Zarina’s grasp. The kiss became harder, more ardent. Zarina’s left hand traveled up Padmini’s thigh, stroking it as she went higher up. Padmini moved closer to Zarina.

Zarina found Padmini’s ass, smooth, supple and ready. She held it in her hand and stroked it. Padmini lift up her right leg and placed it around Zarina, trapping her on the couch. Zarina played with Padmini’s panties, teasing it off. Padmini didn’t resist. She traced the line of Padmini’s panties towards her crotch. She was wet already. Shit! Thought Zarina. She could feel Padmini’s perspiration. Zarina kept her hand between Padmini’s legs, moving her fingers back and forth.

Then, almost by intuition, Zarina pulled back. Padmini looked at her questioningly, right in the eyes. Could it be, it occurred to Zarina, that Padmini was unsure of herself? Strong, beautiful and confident Padmini? Zarina was in the driver’s seat. She took charge of the situation. She pulled Padmini’s panties off. Yanked off her dress. Padmini sat there in her lace black Victoria Secret bra. Suddenly she felt naked and wrapped her arms around her. Zarina pulled her close again, their mouths met again while their bodies pressed against each other. With one hand, Zarina unclasped Padmini’s bra and let it fall to the ground. Padmini sat there naked, almost apologetic.

Zarina whispered in her ear “You are so beautiful!” Padmini seemed reassured. She got up from the couch and took Zarina by the hand and led her to the bedroom. She lay down on the bed. Zarina thought of Cleopatra. She felt like Marc Anthony. She moved towards the bed. She sat down and just took in the length of Padmini’s pearly white skin. She placed her hand, tanned from the sun, between Padmini’s legs. She leaned down and found her mouth again. “I want you” said Padmini now breathing hard. “Wait” said Zarina. She got up from the bed. She removed her top. She unlatched her bra and let it fall to the ground. She found the button of her skirt, unzipped it, let it fall and kicked it aside. Now all she wore were her black cotton thongs.

Zarina got down on her knees and kneeled at the edge of the bed. She pulled Padmini to the edge of the bed so that her crotch was close to Zarina’s mouth. Zarina extended her tongue to lick Padmini’s pussy. It tasted fine. She looked up. Padmini was ready. Her body was reclined across the bed, her arms extended above her head, her black hair sprawled around her. Zarina opened Padmini’s pussy with her two hands and found her clit with her tongue. It was already semi-hard. She licked it again, flicking it with her tongue.

Padmini gasped and moaned. Zarina put her index finger inside Padmini’s pussy and moved it back and forth while she kept her tongue square on Padmini’s clit, teasing it, licking it and flicking it. She felt it getting larger and harder under her tongue. Padmini’s body temperature rose. “Don’t stop,” Zarina heard Padmini whisper. Zarina sucked even harder, thrusting her finger in and out of Padmini’s hole while her other hand held Padmini’s taut ass. She increased the pressure on Padmini’s clit, rubbing it up and down as she felt Padmini start to come. Padmini’s ass gyrated up and down, more violently. As she came in Zarina’s mouth, Zarina held her clit firmly between her lips.

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