The Tease

“I’m going in for a shower,” Jane yelled out. Dee’s eyes flew wide open. The wheels of her imagination started turning. She could feel that warm feeling. The one that always came on right before she started getting wet and clenched, almost as if she were having a mini-orgasm. Jane, who was passing by, caught that fleeting look on Dee’s face: eyes fluttering close, a small smile playing on her slightly parted lips and her head tilted heavenwards. At that moment, Dee did look like she was in heaven. Well, at the gates of it, at least. Jane stopped and decided to play.

She walked slowly to where Dee lay on the bed, watching every passing emotion play itself out on her face. Throwing her towel aside, she straddled her, her shorts riding higher and her nipples straining against her flimsy t-shirt. As Dee’s opened her eyes in surprise, Jane pulled her upright, grabbing her hair gently with her left hand. She bent down and brushed her lips against her ear. She gave that sexy half-laugh half-moan of hers and whispered, her breath hot against Dee’s ear. “Imagining what goes on in the shower, are we?” Dee swallowed hard and managed a nod. Jane laughed again and continued whispering, “Don’t bother. I’ll tell you exactly what happens inside.” On hearing those words slip out of Jane’s mouth, Dee placed her hands on Jane’s tight ass and pulled her close enough to feel her curves against her and smell her warm perfume.

“First, I take my clothes off. And then, I look at myself in the mirror. Turn the shower on. Get under it and see myself get wet, the water dripping off my body. I touch myself, running my hands all over to make sure that no part misses out on the warm water. I let the water run all over, feeling the drops bursting into a million droplets against my hot, naked skin.”

The sound of Jane’s voice and the thought of her touching herself drove Dee mad. She squeezed Jane’s sweet ass as she clenched and felt the wetness start. She nuzzled against Jane’s perfume-drenched neck and let out a moan and heard her answer it with that sexy laugh of hers. Jane dipped her head, turning her attention to Dee’s neck. As she left soft, wet kisses on Dee’s neck, she let her hot tongue make its presence known insistently. She flicked it roughly as she sucked on the skin. She bit down and moaned. Dee matched her moan with one of her own, clenching hard as her wetness spread.

Jane freed her hand from Dee’s hair and thrust it between their entwined bodies. Finding what she was looking for, she brushed her hand between Dee’s legs. Gently, yet hard enough to let her throbbing clit know what her hands were capable of doing. She bent her head down and brushed her lips against Dee’s. She then kissed her deeply and without any prelude, she slipped her tongue into her eager mouth. Jane then let herself go. Hooking one arm around Dee’s neck and running the other down her back, she kissed. Husky moans rose from somewhere deep within her as she sucked and bit hungrily.

Jane started tracing Dee’s jaw with her kisses, making her way to her ear. Tugging on her earlobe with her teeth, she ran her fingers softly down Dee’s back, her nails scraping against the fabric of the shirt, making Dee arch into her with a moan. Dee sucked Jane’s hot skin, right near her collar bone, as she squeezed her ass and pulled her closer to her own body. In response, Jane clenched hard and threw her head up, exposing her long neck with that taunting birthmark. She closed her eyes and moaned breathlessly, “Dee! Fuck!”

Breathing heavily, Jane opened her eyes and looked down at Dee’s smirking face. As if suddenly remembering that she was the one teasing, she returned her lips to Dee’s neck and murmured, “So. Where were we? Yes. Then I grab the soap, wet it and rub it against myself. My body slick, while my hands work up a lather. I make sure that every inch of my naked body is covered. I run the soap over my tits, my nipples hardening against the feel of the wet, fragrant soap. I run it down my stomach. Then, my ass. Then I run it down my long legs, one at a time. From thigh to toes… slowly…taking my time. Then I finish doing my back and slowly bring my hands to the front. I reach down between my legs. I make sure I get every inch outside before I part my lips and work on my clit. Once I know I’m wet enough, I…” The rest of her words were lost in Dee’s loud moan.

Jane smiled wickedly. Once again, she thrust her hand between their bodies. Her fingers hunting for and finding the band of Dee’s cute, orange boy shorts. She slipped her fingers inside as Dee leaned back in response, arching her back and closing her eyes. Jane’s fingers parted Dee’s lips, and dipped into the warm wetness.

She brought her lips close to Dee’s ear and whispered huskily, “Hmmm…you’re wet. I’ll help you……clean up.” Jane got off Dee with a knowing smile and started walking backwards towards the shower, pulling Dee along with her.

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