The Untold Story

My dupatta brushing against someone’s face,
Stealing glances at you when a romantic song plays,
My idea of a perfect love story,
Blame Bollywood for doing this to me.
Walking through the college corridors,
Was when I first saw you,
Your smile, your eyes,
Made me wonder, “Am I looking at paradise?”
Too nervous to make a conversation,
I continued on my way to class,
Asking my friends about you,
When I got to know you were new.
You then entered the class,
My heart skipping a beat,
When I saw you coming towards me,
Asking, “Hi! Is this seat empty?”
How time flew,
We never knew,
From late night calls and texts,
To asking your hand for marriage.
I broke the news to my parents,
“I am in love and want to get married”,
“Who is he?”, asked my dad excitedly,
“She is my classmate paa”.
I felt something that I never had before,
But one thing for sure,
This wasn’t a mainstream Bollywood story,
For our love would be treated as outlawry.
My parents never approved of us,
There is no such thing as being gay,
You will marry a boy and have kids,
I had been told time and again.
Tried explaining them,
I can no longer hide who I am,
Can no longer hide where my heart lies,
And I will only get married to the girl I love.
Well turns out that I did get married,
My parents full of PRIDE,
Except for the fact that she wasn’t here,
And I was marrying a complete stranger.
It’s funny,
How people say you are the one in control of your life,
And here I am,
Marrying a guy my parents think would be a good fit for me,
A Perfect love story, isn’t it?
Scrapping of Section 377 gave a new definition to the meaning of love,
But still, many love stories are left incomplete,
Because in the end, “Log kya kahenge?”
Matters more than your own heartfelt desires.

This story was about: Gender Identities Lesbianism Pride Sexuality

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An 18-year-old pursuing a career in finance, Esha finds solace in books and music. She started writing as a means of expressing herself when even she couldn't decipher her thoughts and feelings. Sharp-witted and confident with a sense of humility, she aspires to sparkle joy and happiness in the life of others through her writings.
Esha Saini

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