Three Years Later

It’s been three years
Since I last wrote to you
You were gone then
Soon again we’ll have to part
Just a state away
A nation of longing will erupt
Dulled down by monotony
Sparked by loneliness
Flamed by love
A fight to survive
Within this world
Within ourselves
We’ve done it before
A few days and weeks
Bound by certainty of reunions
A homecoming prophecy
And hope
And love
Keep me from crumbling
And so this letter was born
Three years later
Misshapen like poetry
Jagged edges
Only because it’s real
Only because we care enough
For it to be
For us to succeed

This story was about: Sexuality

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Preston (@olakatu) is a writer, illustrator and architect from Kerala. He was born in Maharashtra and did his schooling in the UAE. Having pursued his architecture degree from Pune University, he currently resides in Bangalore. When not working, he can be found watching art studio vlogs, snacking on cucumbers and hummus, planning his next vacation, curating art events or seeking out the best filter coffee and medu wada in town'.

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