To Her From Her


Been only few months since we met

So I probably shouldn’t be writing you a poem

But I kinda miss you right now

And this my way of letting it all out

Twas like a rush of adrenaline, the way we met

Dark lights, loud music, tipsy minds and a rushed kiss

Your eyes captivated me that Thursday night

And when we kissed, I just wanted more of you

You are like an umbrella on a rainy day

Making me forget how he tore me apart

I like how you are always calm

And can understand any situation like it was meant to happen;

no matter how crazy

I like how I can talk to you for hours about nothing in particular

I like your smile and your big beautiful eyes

The way you look at me after you’ve emptied a few glasses

I like the way you kiss with lips so soft and warm

I like how you hug me tight like it’s the last you’re gonna get to hold me;

each time we’re together

And how you unexpectedly plant pecks on my cheek when people around us are not looking

I love how you care for everyone but yourself

I love the look in your eyes when you are singing at the top of your voice

And the way you dance with that tiny smirk

You deserve so much better than someone like me

So if ever, I’m out of your life

I hope you always stay the same

As beautiful as you are today.

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