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Unsmelly Sex

That afternoon, Narendra was not getting sleepy. His body was no longer weak. His body had not had so much energy in over 10 days. And in over 10 days, his body had also not released any energy. His desperate body, its untouched flesh, bones and hair and its profuse smell, sweat and heat were all ready for a ravishing cum-back. Briefly criticizing the inaccessibility of porn to his blind eyes, he resorted to his fine sense of creative imagination. He retrieved his favorite velvet towel and gave noisy love to himself. As tired celibacy escaped from his sogginess, he drifted into a sound sleep. An hour later, the sleep of ecstasy was interrupted by Siri that extended a humble reminder. Excited again, Narendra wanted to prepare. his Unholiness gathered his clothes but was unable to find the towel. Between his legs, under his genitals and beneath his back, it remained unfound. His hardworking right hand stumbled upon it near the pillow. He was not surprised at the unhelpfulness of his generally smart nostrils in aiding the discovery. While the virus had left his body, his sense of smell had not yet returned. He could not smell the towel, his hands, the clothes and his body. This instance of self love was quite as relieving but it’s culmination seemed weird, less complete, less real. His excitement became less enthusiastic.

An hour and a half later, the doorbell bursted out and as Narendra made his way to the door and the lock, he heard the visitor probably storing some residuary plastic in one of their pockets. The unlock resulted in a long hug, impulsive and risky. Akbar made their way out of the eventually lose embrace by shifting their arms beneath those of their lover and locking their hands behind his lower back deliberately increasing the tightness. Narendra was expected to wrap his arms around the neck of his tall lover. And he complied. Akbar initiated a moist kiss. A series of soft kisses were exchanged. Then Narendra tasted something, Akbar’s mouth tasted of chocolate. Narendra initiated few frail kisses. ‘’You are still weak’’, Akbar concluded as their lips reached for Narendra’s forehead. They tilted Narendra a little, picked him on their forearms and carried Narendra to his room.

The air drive halted at the bed top and Akbar removed their bag and undressed. Narendra heard Akbar unbutton and uncover, and then unbuckle, unbutton, unzip and unravel. His nostrils attempted a few shallow breaths. Akbar settled their naked body on top of their lover’s. ‘’I have missed you’’, they declared as if pleading and ventured inside his mouth. Their mouth move downwards and kissed and bit his left nipple. ‘’I’ll see you tonight’’, they murmured to the nipple. ‘’You should rest. I’ll cook dinner.’’, they announced and exited the room shutting the door behind them.

Narendra searched for the clothes that had just left Akbar. He smelt each one. But every attempt remained a try. Their flesh had felt cool. But he could not smell if evaporation was producing a cooling effect on their tired body or if their skin had recently showered. And the chocolate smelling mouth used to be his fetish. The aroma would generally accelerate his sex drive…fuelling him…making him relentless, vigorous and even more energized. But loss of smell meant lack of passion. Hugs could no longer suffocate and kisses became gentle. He felt blinded, crippled and disabled. Literally then, his experience of romance became less sensual. Yes, he was weak…yet again.

Narendra was able to guess dinner. In the high of happiness, Akbar misunderstood their lover’s wisdom and marvelled at his sensitive sense of smell. After doing the dishes, they aimed for the bedroom and the bed.

‘’Hello gorgeous!’’, they greeted their partner as they placed themselves on him. For at least one long minute, Akbar inactively admired the beautiful face that fronted theirs. Then they kissed his perfect eyelashes, licked his lips and bit his jawline. They removed his warm t-shirt. A sight of his unshaven fleshy chests had always titillated them. The vanilla fragrance from the pits motivated them and they continued downwards. The jogger and the underpants were removed and Akbar paused at Narendra’s pubes, smelling. ‘’This smell…your smell…I have missed you!’’, they said in between intervals of admiration and began an oral revision of their lover’s historic geography. ‘’Let’s switch… ‘’, they requested a while later and rested their back next to Narendra.

As Akbar bottomed, Narendra started by kissing their lips and moved downwards. Because the usual citrus fragrance was unusually missing, the demoralized him moved further down. Narendra paused at Akbar’s pubes, smelling. Frustration arrived at an opportune moment and he hastily hung their legs on to his respective shoulders, spread his legs out around Akbar like a delta, spread there ass cheeks, began stroking, kept at it and had them both climax.

Narendra’s face was neutral after the sex. Akbar noticed the unlikely. ‘’Your sense of smell has not yet returned…has it?’’, they asked and Narendra landed into an extremely tight hug. ‘’Yes. I know you as much for your smell as much as I know you for how you feel. And I can’t smell you. And I don’t know if I am smelling of you! I felt hard but I don’t know if it was for you. Right now, you could be anyone who feels like you. Even as I have you, I still miss you! I really do!’’, Narendra elaborated and dozed off in the warmth of the embrace.

The following morning, Narendra woke up to an empty bed. He went to the living room where he heard his lover probably lotioning. ‘’Hey you!’’, he was greeted, kissed and embraced. ‘’Now I am a new me for the new you. It is not a sufficient replacement but an innovative temporary change.’’, Akbar announced. ‘’And how is that?’’, Narendra asked greedily. ‘’Taste me!’’, Akbar requested. Narendra remained static. ‘’Taste me!!’’, Akbar repeated…commanding. Narendra licked him as directed. Their lips tasted of milk chocolate, their neck of lemons and their nipples of caramel. Narendra initiated a kiss…softly…then passionately…and they repeated….

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