When I Knew….


When did I first know that I like women?

I knew it the day I first saw Megan Fox open up the hood of Sam Witwicky’s car in  Transformers

I knew it the day I watched Miranda Kerr walking down the runway to One Republic’s Secrets

I knew it when I had my first school girl crush

But I was sure of it the day I met her and looked into her light brown eyes

I knew I had to make her mine someway

Get those soft lips to kiss mine each day

Those strong hands to guide my way

And that beautiful smile to make my days

Like the pull of a magnet, like gravity with full force

Like the rain falling hard on a flat, solid ground

She was irresistible, impossible to stay away from

So I held her hands, I danced with her and kissed those soft lips

And I didn’t let go

Now she’s mine to hold, to hug, to plant unexpected pecks on

And cuddle each Sunday morning after the night’s fun has us worn

Though I now have her right by my side

I’ll never tell her, she’ll never know

That electrifying feeling I felt the first time I looked into those light brown eyes

‘cause a bird held too close, runs away too soon

And she may come across this poem of mine

Never realizing each word is meant for her

So if YOU are reading this, please know

I’m lost in your world and I love your smile

I’m glad you’re mine

But…I’ll never tell you so.








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