When You Lose More Than Just The One You Love

My Person 

As I went to bed late one night,

You knocked on my door with all your might,

You didn’t know it back then, and neither did I,

That life’s about to change, and we’ll just have to comply,

‘Just go with the flow’, as the mind constantly said,

The heart tripped with joy – leading the way ahead,

With a hunger to discover the beauty that is you,

You had me hooked before I could count to two,

What followed was a time of sheer bliss,

From knowing your deepest secrets to that fantastical kiss,

You gave me the world and so much respect,

The care, that concern, our mind blowing connect,

Between making sense of it all and trying to hold on,

While discovering us you suddenly seemed to have moved on,

Conflicted was the word you bombarded me with,

As I sat there wondering where I had slipped,

As your past stood between us, we struggled each day,

To try and make sense, maybe find another way,

You’d given me love and as I saw it go,

It crushed me inside, that was one mighty blow,

I told my heart not to worry, for I still have my friend,

My most precious find of the year, my person god sent,

But I stand here today, dumbstruck to say the least,

Trying to make sense of it all piece by piece,

Lost I am, and I think I know why,

I miss you so much, and this isn’t a lie,

You were a great partner and that’s all gone,

But just please give me my person back so we can move on,

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