When Your Relationship Sees Consistent Inconsistence

Consistently Inconsistent

[A lawyer. An actress. Black Kurta. Red Lipstick. Shared Marlboro lights and some whiffs of conversation.]  


Is it a virtue or a vice?

When inconsistency doesn’t come with surprise”.

But if predictable behaviour is the expected form

Why is consistent inconsistency an unacceptable norm?


Hmmm… that’s an interesting proposition

Said the Lawyer to the errant Actress

But what if I were to suggest a revision

Will that then change your opinion?”


Counsel, let’s see what you have to say

I’m single and deliciously gay

So what’s wrong in wanting things my way

I’m moody and prefer keeping everyone at bay


But don’t you want to spend time with me?

Of course..more than anything baby

But how can you say that and vanish still

Consistently disappearing, depending on your will


I did warn you of my seclusion spells

I hate the sight of wedding bells

My zodiac makes me emotional and moody

Passionate but also terribly broody


But what about expectations and rights?

Your charming behaviour will cause many fights

I find you very hard to read

How the hell will this then succeed?”


C’mon let keep this flippant and light

But….I fear that you will vanish one night

Baby, stability and longetivity is passé

No-Strings Attached- more fun, Whatsay?


I don’t agree with your thoughts, all right

So let’s leave this unresolved tonight!” 

Baba, it’s all about living in the moment yaar

Casual romps triumphs silly boring Pyaar!!

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