Why This Kolaveri? : Part 2

Alternative Title: A World Without Straight People.
(Please don’t judge a book by its cover. Please read the story. All characters in this story are fictitious)

This is the second installment of a multi-part series. Read “Part 1: Why This Kolaveri?

“Uhfff “ Sruthi was clearly frustrated by this unexpected turn. Blue shirt’s face also sulked in disappointment.
“Oh, good. Thanks for letting me know” Sruthi thanked Aishwarya.
“By the way, you look very familiar. I am sure we have met before,” continued Aishwarya.
“I don’t think so,” Sruthi replied irritatedly. Seriously? Leave me alone, lady.

Moments passed. Blue shirt stretched his hands, as if he was relaxing. He casually and intentionally placed his left hand on the back of the chairs. His hand rested just shy of Sruthi’s back, passing Aishwarya. He is not giving up that easily, thought Sruthi and that very thought brought a smile to her face.

“You have a lovely smile” said Aishwarya. She was determined to continue the conversation.
“Thanks!” Sruthi smiled again. But this time it was a fake, forced smile.

Blue shirt slowly started drumming at the chair in a rhythm. He was signaling Sruthi, obviously. Sruthi wondered if it would be a good idea to place her hand along the back of the chairs. The very thought gave her goosebumps. But, what if someone sees us from behind?

Few more moments passed. The frequency of drumming gradually reduced.

She thought, He probably thinks, I am not going to respond. Something must be done!

Sruthi turned and looked at the seats behind them. The next four to five rows were totally empty. No one would notice, if she moved her hand to the back. She gathered courage and slowly and cautiously started moving her hand. She didn’t want to make it obvious to Aishwarya.

At the same exact moment, “Fatima Airlines 108 to Iran, is now ready to board,” said the announcement.

“Let’s board,” Aishwarya got out of her seat hearing the announcement. Blue shirt immediately pulled his hand from the back of the chairs.
Why don’t you mind your own business, damn it! Sruthi wanted to scream at Aishwarya.
“Actually, you go ahead. You don’t have to wait for me”
“Oh! That’s not a problem. I am in no rush. I will wait.” Aishwaraya was not moving, until Sruthi joined her.

Sruthi got up helplessly, dragged her hand luggage and started walking with Aishwarya. After moving four feet, she turned and looked at the blue shirt. He was sitting there frozen and was staring back at her with the same helplessness.

Sruthi was restless in her airplane seat. She couldn’t take her eyes off the door as she watched every single person boarding, hoping blue shirt would walk in. Suddenly an unhappy possibility occurred to her, May be he is flying in a different plane? Oh no!

Soon the aisle got crowded and the entrance disappeared from her view. I have the worst luck ever! Sruthi was about to cry. She extended her seat a little and rested her head on the head-rest and closed her eyes.

“Hey,” said a voice.

Sruthi opened her eyes but her vision adjusted to the sudden glare of the cabin light, very slowly. When she could clearly see, she found Blue shirt standing next to her seat, smiling at her.

“Here is my email address,” He was holding a small piece of paper to her face.
Sruthi was in a state of shock and surprise.
“Sir, You have to sit. The flight is about to take off,” urged the flight attendant who walked to them from the front.
“Take it,” Blue shirt insisted, as he waved the paper at her. There was a sense of urgency in his voice. Sruthi grabbed the paper and he immediately moved down the aisle.

It took a few seconds for Sruthi to realize what had just happened. She quickly opened the paper.

“Dhanush26@zmail.com,” it said.

Aishwarya was seated two rows in front of Sruthi and was watching all this unfold, curiously.

To be Continued.

Part 3: Why This Kolaveri?

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