Your Son And Me… Are “WE”

*Editor’s Note : This is NOT Fiction.

telling my mom-in-law that i love her son.

when i heard you maa.
i was really scared.
i dint know what to do,
i’m sure I sounded bizarre.

that little day, maa, with your little son,
i managed to entice him towards me,
using my love as the binding ribbon.

i have met him just twice maa,
but couldn’t dare to say it then,
only when he left maa,
i missed and wished he would return.

then i lifted the phone one day, maa
and bared my heart to him,
my tongue, my lips trembled maa,
i fluttered like a netted fish with one trapped fin.

he said the same, in the same tone,
over the phone i was vision-less i found sight,
i had no wings, but i had flight.

then we walked a little further,
we stumbled, we had a fall,
but we held on to each other,
gained our feet, we now walk tall.

you know what maa, it’s just barely been over a month,
but to spend my life with maa, i choose your little son.

i don’t know how you would feel,
for you and i are just a phone call old.
but i simply love your genes maa,
the way they grow and mold.

i know its not conventional maa,
your son and i cant be man and wife.
but more than that maa,
we’d redefine our world with all that’s kind and nice.

i want you to know maa,
that i will love your little part, till the end.
and i wish we live maa, with no pretense.
i could have sent you a private mail maa,
but this is our world maa, and it should know
that i will not just cow and bow,
if it is love, i will show!
so be it. be it so.

love you maa.

SAASU maa!

*Message from the Author : Aiyyoo! you don’t know how many butterflies were in my little tummy while I was  thinking of telling my mom-in-law, Parikshith’s mom, that I love her son. though she knew about it. I wanted to come out about our relationship to her. And that too publicly, so I posted this silly poem on facebook.. and tagged her. It was not only she who commented but Parikshith’s dad, his brother, our common friends… all of them. Not even one moment of awkwardness. It was a day in my life that I will always remember. A special moment. And I thought  I should share, because we hear of coming out stories to mom, not about letters to mom-in-laws by homosexuals.

Both Parikshith and I are Tambrahms,  and our families are open minded. soon im sure homosexuality will become a non issue, and families would be fighting with each other on stupid issues like jaath-paath, religion and status. it would be cute then…hai naa???

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