10 Funsies Gifting Ideas This Pride

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Pride is almost upon us, and while we all prepare ourselves to make merry in the streets, it also might be a clever idea to prepare to make merry in the sheets. I am not being suggestive at all. No, obviously, all I am being is suggestive with this thrilling list of goods that you can get to spice things up this Pride season!

#1 Product: Gay Sex Card Game // Price: Rs. 1099

This comes in both English and Spanish versions (how you doin’, señor?), and has 100,000 possible fantasies that you first build with your partner before acting it out. If you’d like, you can also increase the number of players; it’s a card game, after all!

#2 Product: Lesbian Sex Card Game // Price: Rs. 1099

Similar to the gay version, this also allows for you to generate new fantasies and asks you to act them out. Simple sex is great but it’s also fun to consensually try some challenges together!

#3 Product: Break A Way Thong // Price: Rs. 1238

This one steals the show because of both how stylish it is and the comfort the fabric provides. Besides the other things that it can boost for you, it is also a big confidence booster. After all, the philosophy behind this is to encourage you to embrace you who you are, body and heart!

#4 Product: Pussy Licker // Price: Rs. 1299

This lube comes in strawberry flavor, and has a creamy texture that will definitely leave you wanting more. Well, we all occasionally succumb to our cravings for sweet things. Just desserts, we’re guessing?

#5 Product: Deeply Love You Chocolate Coconut Throat Relaxing Spray// Price: Rs. 1999

This is a simple throat desensitizing spray that will help you relax your throat muscles, and let love find its way to even deeper terrains. The ingredients are all 100% safe and verified (I mean, come on, there’s chocolate and coconut too!).

#6 Product: Intimate Earth Adventure Anal Spray // Price: Rs. 3499

If you thought ‘organic’ is only about tea, this spray is about prove your wrong. A concoction of clove, goji berry, aloe, and lemongrass, this allows for a natural calming down of the sphincter to make penetration more easier.

#7 Product: Good Head Kit // Price: Rs. 3699

The Good Head Kit is actually great for oral sex, and has quite the reputation for even making experts realize that there are tricks of the game that they still haven’t mastered. The strawberry flavored oral gel only adds to the detailed delicacy of the experience.

#8 Product: Boho Amarelo Dildo With Suction // Price: Rs. 7999

Easy to insert, designed for comfort and promises intense stimulation — this is definitely your go-to to get going! You can also attach this to flat surfaces because it comes with a suction cup. Who said only selfie sticks could be handsfree? Quick word of caution: you should use the Amarelo Dildo with only water-based lubricants.

#9 Product: Rocks Off Ro Zen 7 Speed C Ring // Price: Rs. 7999

This is the secret to an erection that isn’t only large and hard, but also lasts long — this is the whole package! Saw it coming, didn’t you? This has a flexible body and is made of safe silicone, besides also being super easy to clean.

#10 Product: Aneros Maximus Trident Male G-Spot Stimulator // Price: Rs. 8299

For those of you who would like to explore prostate stimulation, this product is perfect- with its brilliantly crafted trident shape, made to create a cradling effect for sensational movement.

Stable, strong and a perfect gift.

Pride is the perfect time (and excuse) to get your loved ones a gift they will always, always remember. Imbesharam.com has something for everyone and their super navigable site makes it really simple for everyone to find something that fits just right with them.

Have a happy pride, you!

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