10 #GaysiPets Stories To Warm Up Your Heart

Pets can make a huge difference to our lives. They can help us make sense of difficult or confusing times, often by showing that no matter what is happening: it is possible to keep going with gusto and smiles. Here are a few accounts from our readers of what their pets mean to them and how they have transformed their lives for the better.

Ditto & Haasini

“Ditto” – a lazy, loveable Indian mongrel – walked into our lives in 2012. It all started one July morning, when Dad saw a newspaper article about an adoption drive near Ulsoor by the foundation ‘Let’s Live Together’. Ditto was under foster care and we decided to keep his name because he would run towards anyone who used it. It’s been five years since that day and boy, has it been a plethora of experiences! Ditto has no sense of personal space; he takes time to carefully squish any line of ants he finds; he loves his morning tea-time and biscuit party with Dad. He’s certainly left his mark on our house – our doors have been engraved with his scratches and his fur adorns our clothes. Quirks aside, he’s a silent therapist. He’s there for me when I need a hug. I know that he’s not going to judge me for who I am and his tail always wags when I come home. Dog ownership involves endlessly worrying whether your baby needs anything, be it a vet trip or a blanket to hide from firecrackers or thunder. But it’s definitely worth it. Our home would be incomplete without him!

Shadow and Neha

I decided this is the best time to tell you about my soulmate. He is my love, my best friend, and my first furry pooch. When I first met him, he was as good as my reflection. And no prize for guessing, that’s how he even got his name: Shadow!

I vividly remember one occasion I took him to Matheran and he was mobbed by a pack of 12 stray dogs. He jumped into my arms, licked my face and barked at the strays, as if saying: ‘Hey, don’t you dare to touch me! My mamma has my back. She will protect me.’ And I did. I stood there, holding him tight, close to my heart.

I can’t even imagine my life without him. Recently, when I heard about his 2nd-stage liver cancer, my head went for a spin. I couldn’t breathe – but losing hope was not an option. He is my strength and I am his. And that’s what I will be as long as he needs me.

We make the best out of each day, each hour, each moment. I strongly believe that Shadow and I are soul-mates, not just in this life: but in all coming lives.

Rustam and Arti

You were barely 40 days old
when you come into our fold.
Meek, tiny, barely-able to stand:
You fit and slept snugly in my hand.
Your first day in the house we tended to you like a baby –
Little did we know how the tables would turn.
You soon became my solace and comfort zone, for nothing in return.
Unconditional love, affection, cuddles and kisses galore.
Fun, laughter, utter bliss and so much more!
Your mad, naughty ways make me laugh in my darkest days,
Spreading sunshine to clear away the haze.
Rustam, you are and continue to be my life and light –
When even ex- lovers took flight,
Your kisses and cuddles keep me warm every night.
My true Camelot, my shining tan-doggie Knight!

Cherry and Kenn

It has been three fun-filled years with my baby, Cherry. She has impacted not just my life but the lives of all my family members at home. She’s a little ball of energy – ever-ready to charge at her favourite ball. From the shy puppy who used to hide under the sofa to a now notorious baby doll, she brings joy and a smile to all people. I know quite a few friends who have a fear of dogs but the moment they see her, that fear vanishes. Funnily, I have had many people ask me if she’s a stuffed toy.

My dad has always been a dog lover, so it was easy for him. Mom didn’t like pets and to see her now treat Cherry as her daughter is not a surprise (it was my secret agenda). As senior citizens, my parents have a lot of free time on hand and so Cherry is always there to entertain. Ever-loving and always ready with her toy, she truly has become the “Cherry” of each of our eyes!

Brownie, Cutie and Sheetal

We rescued four rabbits from one terrible pet store, and my son Kabir named all four of them. Three days after we brought them home, Cutie sadly passed away. I took the remaining three rabbits to the vet and they told me that bunnies are fragile creatures and can die just from fright. He also told us there was nothing we could do about it. Eventually, only Brownie survived. It broke our hearts to bury the other three little darlings, but we did what we could. Brownie is a naughty little fur ball that loves running around, eating and pooping. We love him immensely.




Tequila & Raj

This dog came into my life & all of a sudden my family consisted of not just canines but felines too! A dog who made sure that my life got inextricably tangled with all sorts of quadrupeds – fostering, feeding, care-taking, adopting and training of course!

Mischief and Papiya

She’s My Healer, who made me a believer in the idea that “love heals”. She’s helped me the most to heal the grief of my younger sister’s death – a journey that is ongoing.

Sonia, Krishna & Harish

Sonia was not that exotic, she was not that pretty – she was in the streets. Until she met her (my mother). She was rescued. And love happened. Three generations. Two human and one feline.

Krishna the cat was refused a home by many because he was extremely naughty. But then he reached our home and became ours forever.

Merry, Pippin and Solo

I met Merry and Pippin in a hardware store perhaps half a decade ago. A year and a half later, they went full Lannister on me and blessed me with Hyde and Kelso. Life has been kind to me for introducing me to my grandkids well before I turned 30. Becoming a grandma really makes you clean up your act, especially by getting into the habit of cleaning up after your grandkids.

Austin and Sonty

I have always been a dog friendly person but would greet them from a distance. Then I met Austin – such a cute, hyper, adorable dog. He is the dog one with whom I learnt to be comfortable in touching and playing with canines. It’s ok if they hug your leg or want to just sit next to you sticking their ass. Now I happily caress other dogs, and have learnt so much – I can even tell the breeds apart!

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