12 LBT Films You Should Definitely Watch At The Kashish Mumbai International Queer Film Festival

PJ Raval / 87 min / 2018 / Documentary Feature / USA, Philippines
This is a documentary about Jennifer Laude, a Filipino trans woman who was found dead in a motel room. The suspect was a U.S Marine.This murder investigation resulted in tensions between the USA and The Philippines. The documentary shows three women – an activist attorney, a transgender journalist and Jennifer’s mother who are on a quest to seek justice for Jennifer.

KATTUMARAN (Catamaran)
Swarnavel Eswaran / 73 min / 2018 / Narrative Feature / India
Kattumaran is a  love story between two women in a small fishing village. Anandhi, a teacher in the local school has many fishermen vying for her but she falls in love with a new female teacher. When her uncle Singaram finds out, he tries to end this relationship.

Kaushik Ganguly / 115.10 min / 2017 / Narrative Feature / India
This is a story of a trans woman who leaves home and joins a ghetto of eunuchs. She sings at the traffic light to earn money and falls in love with Madhu, a boy who plays  the flute. They dream to earn money for a sex reassignment surgery, but the lack of support from a transphobic society drives them elsewhere.

Wanuri Kahiu / 83 min / 2018 / Narrative Feature / Kenya
Two Kenyan girls living in Nairobi fall in love with each other but they have to choose between happiness or safety because same-sex relationships are illegal in Kenya. The film is based on “Jambula Tree”, an award winning short story by Monica Arac de Nyeko.

SHOW ME LOVE (Fucking Åmål)
Lukas Moodysson / 89 min / 1998 / Narrative Feature / Sweden
Two teenagers grow up in the small town of ÅMÅL. Elin and Agnes are schoolmates. Elin is popular while Agness is friendless.They both begin to develop feelings towards each other and get into a relationship among gossip from their classmates.

SOMETHING MUST BREAK (Nånting Måste Gå Sönder)
Ester Martin Bergsmark / 85 min / 2014 / Narrative Feature / Sweden
A story set in Stockholm about the passionate love between self-abusive Sebastian who wants to be a woman and Andreas who denies he is gay.

Lenin M. Sivam/ 91 min / 2018 / / Narrative Feature / Canada
A story of romance and struggle of a young Tamil trans woman who falls in love with a family man, Anthony. She has to deal with the complexity of gender identity and struggle to find her place after being rejected by her family. Meanwhile, her relationship with Anthony goes through ups and downs.

IF YOU DARE DESIRE… (???? ??? ????? ??…)
Debalina Majumder / 52 min / 2017 / Narrative Featurette / India
Two girls from a small village of West Bengal fall in love each other and run away from their home to find a place to live together forever. But the hate and violence from society does not allow them to live together.

TONIGHT (Halayla)
Emily Shir Segal / 15 min / 2018 / Narrative Short / Israel
Tom comes to meet her girlfriend’s friends. She discovers a different side of her girlfriend, herself and their relationship after that night.

Goran Stolevski / 19 min / 2017 / Narrative Short / Macedonia
A short film that has been awarded the Sundance Short Film Jury Award for International Fiction. The film is about a young girl who tries to find a solution to her problem in an all male religious ritual.

Zara Dwinger / 12 min / 2018 / Narrative Short / Netherlands
Two young women fall in love with each other inside a juvenile detention center. The story is based on Shakespeare’s classic tragedy.

NJAN MARYKUTTY (I’m Marykutty)
Ranjith Sankar / 125.51 min / 2018 / Narrative Feature / India
Mathukutty, a transexual person wants to get out of the pressure of being a man. They decide to undergo surgery to become a woman. They become Marykutty and their problems begin when they come back to their native place.

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