5 Best Ways To Pick Up A Hot Date At Pride March

Pick up lines are a passé. This is the year for confident, independent, smart and outrightly shameless people.

Ok. Not shameless, but I personally dig this quality in people.

Smart people don’t throw out pick up lines, instead they give out “Pick Me Up” signals. I know how confusing this can get and therefore, to make things simpler and help you encourage people you’re interested in to approach you more confidently this Pride Parade, yours truly is sharing her secrets.

A) Good eye contact is the key to this game. It works at multiple levels. Good, strong but easy eye contact. At least 5 – 7 seconds, followed by a smile. A 4 second distraction with a dramatic return of the gaze on the same person to show how you can’t keep your eyes off them. If they are fun and single, they will not be able to stop their feet from walking towards you!


B) Say something crazy. Something totally unexpected. And bang – they know you exist! Like some 3 odd years ago, someone I had met for the first time said the following to me in the first 60 seconds,

“Wow. You are short…

…And gorgeous!”

It was impossible for me to ignore this girl who had my modesty in her grip! So, the rule is simple. Notice something about them and relate it to anything that’s crazy or wacky or funny.

Like MJ’s story, for instance. This famous girl called her up because she saw Jeetender dancing in his white shoes. And the darn “white” shoes made her think of MJ! You see how neat that move was? (Those who know the story know how MJ pursued this girl!)


 C) When approaching  a stranger you want to impress, ooze confidence in your walk, shoulders and smile. And when you begin talking, look into their eyes and… nod at the proper times, laugh at the “right” times. Just show you’re interested in whatever they are talking. People love attention and once they start enjoying receiving undivided attention from you – they will keep coming back for more!


D) Another thing that always, always works for me is when I look at their mouth when they’re talking to me. Its QUITE AN experience being so overt, and letting your eyes stray from their eyes to their mouth, and back to their eyes with a slight shy smile. Sigh! It’s almost like the corners of your mouth have found a perfect set of lips and can’t wait… Yet, you linger. Such sensuousness will melt anybody who’s even a tiny bit sexual.


E) Make them laugh. Talking naughty always helps. Not mushy! Repeat after me – NAUGHTY AND NOT MUSHY. People love to laugh and if they find their laughter club in your company, they are hooked. There’s always an unsaid boundary between people, but if you don’t seem to care much about it, their subconscious mind will pick that up and starts relating to you as someone part of their inner orbit!


And if you are just too shy, just wear a T-shirt that says “Looking for You”, smell good and walk the Pride! And BELIEVE that there is SO much to like in you that they’d be blind to not notice and drool after you *wink*

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