5 LBTQ Web Series To Watch Now


Recent LBTQ themed YouTube series have been gaining popularity because of their diverse representation and great story telling. These series are important as they act as motif of acceptance and young Queer population feels not only represented but also feel normalized and not at the Other, markedly living in fear of their so called ‘deviant’ sexuality. These up and coming series are also celebrated for no over sexualisation of their characters, for their sensitivity and for casting real life LBTQ actors and writers.

Some of the LBTQ series that have been phenomenal in their approach are –

Her Story directed by Sydney Freeland 

This highly diverse and well written you tube series stars Jen Richards as Violet, a Trans woman, living in L.A and Laura Zak as Allie a lesbian Journalist. Allie decides to do an article on Trans rights and life with Violet and slowly the love between them simmers and grows in the six part series. The series raises important questions such as Black Trans experience which is a whole different subtopic when it comes to Intersectional LGBTQ discourse. It also calls out cis Queer women who don’t support Trans rights to use public spaces and in the process seem highly hypocritical. It was recently nominated for an Emmy Award.

The Other Love Story directed by Roopa Rao

This is one of best series celebrating Lesbian love so far in Indian mainstream entertainment industry. Starring Shweta Gupta as Aanchal and Spoorthi Gumaste as Aadya, this series is set in 90’s Bangalore and follows these two women as they embark on a beautiful bond of deep affection and love . The series has two parallel stories, one set in 1998 Bangalore and other 6 years later as Aanchal waits on a platform for a train to Bombay. The series has a gentle pace and has a stark focus on the daily routine of the two main characters as they make daily visits to College, riding the bus, making tea etc, to highlight their love enmeshed in their routine.

Carmilla created by Ellen Simpson and Jordan Hall

So far Carmilla has been one of the very popular youtube series so much so it has huge fanbase on Tumblr and a cult following. It revolves around Laura, played Elise Bauman and Carmilla, played by Natasha Negovalnis who become roommates after Laura’s original roommate Betty suddenly disappears. This prompts Laura into launching an investigation and in the process of which she comes to have romantic feelings for Carmilla, someone she used to dislike. The series is shot through one camera and feels like one is watching a play. The writing is funny, full of pop culture references and features characters that are quite memorable.

Into Girls created by Faulkner Allocco & Jin Kim

This remarkable series came into inception in 2013 and has 7 minute episodes where each episode works as a stand-alone story with a couple of recurring characters. The series focuses on topics from gender fluidity, coming out, awkward first dates, crushing on your best friend and etc. The most poignant part of the series is the simplicity with which it’s made and how each of the characters are so relatable, that the audiences immediately identify with them.

Chanticleer written and directed by Becky Lane

Chanticleer is set in 1950’s and reflects the pulp lesbian culture that was very popular during the 50’s and the 60’s. It features array of three dimensional characters and a talented cast. It has gained so much popularity since its inception that it has a feature film in works. The music of the series is original and composed by Mary Lorson and adds to the mystical feel of the series. It begins with Edie Chaucer coming back to New York to take charge of her father’s bar and slowly uncovers the underground pimp business that was running there. She also hires Val, a lesbian bartender who dresses both as a man and woman, which creates uproar in the lesbian community which had divided itself into the binaries of butch and femme.


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