6 #GaysiPets Stories To Warm Up Your Heart

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The characters in our lives make us versions of ourselves we never thought were capable of existing. Our pets, little children, babies, bosses, gods whatever we call them, have changed most of us into better, more compassionate beings.

Gaysi collected stories of a few queer folx talking about the best parts of their lives and here’s a cute little compilation!


Alex Winshaw, Dora and Didoo

Dora and Didoo have changed my life ever since they have entered our small family. I always used to feel that love is unrequited but these two girls have proved me that love is precious and pure. When I’m sad or lonely they come to me and make me feel really comfortable. I think I’m the luckiest person on Earth to have these 2 infinites in my life.

Harmeet Rahal, Ellie and Joy

Over the the last 5 years, Ellie and Joy have looked after me as much as I have looked after them. I feel like I can always be myself when they’re around, and they always seem to understand what I’m thinking. Also, they’ve made me really good at cleaning up their messes. 

Pooja Gahlor and Duffy

Duffy came into our lives a few days after our first dog passed away. He filled our lives with laughter and happiness back again. When I’m upset and I cry, he licks off my tears. He wakes me up everyday licking my face and jumping all over me . He has taught me to put my nose up, inhale and enjoy the glory of the day. He never fails to bring a smile on my face with his silly antics.

He has brought me out of my shell and has brought my family closer. Above all by loving and accepting me he has taught me to love and accept myself. I owe all my happiness to him.

Siddhi Surthe and James

James was rescued a year ago from the streets. She took to my house immediately and now rules it like the queen she is. Each day I spend with her teaches me to be more badass and less mindful of other people. James is boss.

Ruchelle Fernandes and Odin

We adopted our Odin, a laboratory rescued beagle, 3 months back. He just turned 7 years this month.

We fell head over heels in love with Odin the moment we set our eyes on him at the adoption camp.

Odin has taught us patience, selflessness and the importance of planning, hehe! We don’t view him as a burden, but as our own kid. Being a lab-rescued beagle, he isn’t like the others. He doesn’t play fetch, he doesn’t obey commands, he wasn’t leash trained or potty trained initially. Heck, he hasn’t known human love for six years straight! But he’s slowly learning, and in this process, we’re learning too.

Nadiya and Dumbledore

I am a photographer. Dumbledore changed my life with the way I see things around me. I like directing my subjects and getting exactly what I want, but Dumbledore taught me the beauty of candid shots by being my very own muse.

Make sure you send us your pet stories in the next call out to get featured!

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